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The Walking Deceased

The Walking Deceased

Language: English

Author: sub

Updated: 5 years ago

Files: 1

Year: 2015
Run time: 88min
IMDB score: 3.2

Movie infomation

Movie name: The Walking Deceased

Genders: Comedy

Imdb Score: 3.2

Runtime: 88min

Released: 20 Mar 2015

Director: Scott Dow

Writer: Tim Ogletree

Actors: Tim Ogletree, Joey Oglesby, Dave Sheridan, Troy Ogletree

Company: Arc Entertainment

Imdb Link

00:00:48,292 --> 00:00:51,463
I'm here on the ground where a group
of what the White House

00:00:51,563 --> 00:00:54,031
is now officially calling
the walking dead

00:00:54,131 --> 00:00:56,935
are what I'm officially coining
brain feasting.

00:00:58,275 --> 00:01:01,373
Now full disclosure. I've been absolutely
warned against coming here

00:01:01,473 --> 00:01:05,076
and have signed a liability release



Carl! You have to be in the right lowbrow frame of mind.

5/10 After a zombie apocalypse a band of survivors and a sheriff team up with a thinking zombie to get through the outbreak.

Also known as Walking with the Dead opening with a news reporter giving the possible cause of the zombie outbreak due to people not washing their hands after handling sushi you know what you're in for. It's surprisingly humorous and entertaining, to get the most out of director Scott Dow's The Walking Deceased you'll mostly likely have to be into beer, over the top lampooning parodies and have a toilet sense of humour. A knowledge of zombie films will help but it's probably essential to have seen The Walking Dead series and the film Warm Bodies.

Dave Sheridan's excellent over emotional mickey take of The Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes is the films main highlight. Sheridan's Sheriff Lincoln hits all the notes, mimicking some of Grimes finest moments. His shouts for Carl and little speeches will make any viewer familiar with Rick Grimes chuckle. There's plenty of other Walking Dead characters on the spoof chopping board nearly all of which have been killed off in the series.

Yes, it's low budget, lowbrow stuff, from jabs at drugs, crossbows, social media including LinkedIn to stabs at strippers and prayer, you have to be in the right frame of mind. Dow's offering looks grander than it should thanks to some good direction, coupled with some blood and guts effects and Troy Ogletree's Romeo lone zombie is notable giving some amusing undead voice-over lines.

The opening 20 minutes of the spoof is probably the strongest, leave your brain at the door and familiarise yourself with the aforementioned films and you may get a kick out of this Romero send up. Worth seeing for Sheridan's bare butt sheriff using his pointing index finger as a gun alone.

5 years ago

Absolutely Horrible B Movie with Non Actors

1/10 The one star I give this stinker is only because there are a couple of funny moments and lines. I also kind of appreciated the homage to The Walking Dead (the sheriff, an obvious Rick, is called Sheriff Lincoln...the last name of actor Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick in The Walking Dead).

The script is one of the worst imaginable. Jokes and gags fall cringingly flat left and right. This is only exacerbated by the horrid non acting from the cast of non actors. The plot is a silly mess. The directing is non existent.

Skip this unwatchable dretch.

5 years ago

Waste of Dave Sheridan's talent

5/10 Love - Love Dave Sheridan . . And even though he was great as his character ( of course) that is all I can say on the positive side . I didn't even finish watching it - so stupid. Stupid can be funny - however not this time. And I think I'm not the only movie lover that is thinking WHY can't some one bring us something ORIGINAL and truly laughable. Everyone wants to do re-makes - do overs- sequels - part 2 - chapter 3 c. So done with that . If Hollywood wants to capture the attention of serious movie fanatics and expect us to spend our hard earned money for a ticket and a $10 bucket of popcorn - then PLEASE at least give us something worthy of the popcorn . In a nutshell : don't waste your time or money on this one. ( You'll be angry)

5 years ago

Pretty awful

2/10 Not very funny spoof of Walking Dead. Some lines were funny, but it relied too much on very contemporary pop-buzz-terminology. I guess they didn't consider that many who watch a serious show like the Walking Dead are probably not interested in Snookie or Kardashian or all the inside jokes on TMZ. So it was overkill.

But the funniest line was when our hero was all upset that Twitter, Facebook, Instagram went down during the Zombie Apocalypse, but then asked about Linked In, and was told, "No, Linked In's still up."

But after that, pretty boring. I shut it off after 20 minutes. The guy who was to play Daryl didn't even look like him at all, or talk like him. They should have hired actors who could really spoof the originals.

5 years ago


2/10 No-budget spoof of recently popular zombie movies and TV shows. In particular it parodies Zombieland, Warm Bodies, and The Walking Dead. It's a terrible comedy that offers no laughs. It's not funny at all but it tries so hard. The Kool-Aid bit was the only time I chuckled. At one point they were so desperate for laughs they threw in one of those tired "everybody gets high" gags that we've seen in THOUSANDS of movies. Ugh. Just the worst.

The amateur production values and the poor editing don't do it any favors either. They appear to have gone to Rite-Aid for Halloween makeup to use on their zombies. The acting ranges from terrible to mediocre. I feel bad for these people. One reviewer suggested watching this with your friends. I'm not sure what that person's friends are into but mine would never speak to me again if I subjected them to this. As for all the reviews that are giving this glowing praise -- I'll assume these people are affiliated with the film in some way. Either they worked on it or are related to someone who did. I much prefer that answer to the uncomfortable idea that someone out there legitimately thought this was funny. That would be tragic. Avoid this cheap stinker.

5 years ago