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The Right Kind of Wrong

The Right Kind of Wrong

Language: Brazilian Portuguese

Author: sub

Updated: 4 years ago

Files: 1

Year: 2014
Run time: 97min
IMDB score: 6.1

Movie infomation

Movie name: The Right Kind of Wrong

Genders: Romance, Comedy

Imdb Score: 6.1

Runtime: 97min

Released: 06 Feb 2014

Director: Jeremiah S. Chechik

Writer: Megan Martin (screenplay), Tim Sandlin (novel)

Actors: Ryan Kwanten, Sara Canning, Ryan McPartlin, Kristen Hager

Box Office: $2.0k

Company: Magnolia Pictures


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The Right Kind of Wrong

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Not your ordinary romantic comedy...

8/10 The Right Kind of Wrong is an unusual film...

It takes a lot from common cliches that we're used to understanding as typical romantic comedies but it builds upon it and presents it in a novel yet interesting way. The main protagonist is not a common well behaved steady earning good boy that we're grown to expect from this genre. On the contrary - he is a broken man with a joke for a career, no ambitions and plenty of other weaknesses to top that up. The girl however... Well, she's equally humane. :) And that's about it when it comes to things worth knowing about the flick. It's not the genre nor the cast that will make you enjoy watching it - it's just the fact that all the characters are so "real" and not over the top smoothed out for Hollywood role models. As the title suggests the right things about the movie are all the wrong ones and that's what makes it a definite watch!

4 years ago

Story and characters that grow on you

7/10 Filmed in beautiful Banff, Alberta. About a failed writer whose ex- girlfriend writes a blog about what a loser he is, that goes viral. He then falls in love with another girl on her wedding day. Fairly tame story that actually gets better in the second half. It does have its share of trite 'Degrassi' moments but overall I found myself liking it. Beautifully shot, in a fantastic location, the movie's setting really is what takes this movie to thumbs up. Jason Stackhouse (c'mon, you know who I mean!) plays the main character and does it admirably and the female lead is charismatic as well. The side stories could use a boost but I can live with them. The adversaries are straight out of 1980's college movies but it appears to be on purpose so it is forgivable and Catherine O'Hara spins a decent tune as the hippie mother. Enjoyable characters and an overall not bad!

4 years ago

Really enjoyable

5/10 This film tells the life of a failed writer whose ex-girlfriend wrote a book about him being a completely undesirable lover. He meets a charming woman on her wedding day, and they develop a unlikely relationship against the circumstances.

"The Right Kind of Wrong" boasts a satisfying story, in which the protagonist Leo undergoes a transformation for the sake of the woman of his dreams. The way he endures ridicule from the readers of the ex-girlfriend's book is sad but not overly sad, which is in keeping with the tone of the film. I like the way Leo and Colette develop their relationship, and how Colette realises the Olympic skier is not really for her. "The Right Kind of Wrong" eloquently states that it takes courage to leave the easy way into the comfort zone, and really do something you want to do. I was very empathic with the characters, as they are so real and not sugar coated. I really enjoyed watching it.

4 years ago

timing is everyth...

4/10 A talented young cast, a reasonably workable premise and yet dis-jointed editing and writing that misses the joke more than it hits make this a disappointment. I very much wanted this to be funnier. there were so many chances and nothing..

I will not put this on the cast,although Catherine O'Hara was under- utilized in this storyline.

Incorporating her into the early "stalker" scenes would have reduced the potential creepieness, and her ability to lift a dialogue would have been wonderful for character development. Smoother more natural directing would have made this a gem.

4 years ago

I Just Don't Get It

3/10 Quite honestly, I am surprised that this movie is getting such great reviews. To begin with, the main character, Leo, falls in love with Colette, a complete stranger, on her wedding day. He pretends that he is a guest at her wedding and proceeds to hit on Colette in front of her husband which (obviously) causes a scene and gets him kicked out. In a later scene, the bride's mother comments that she thought his actions were "ballsy". No, actually, it is extremely creepy and inappropriate to behave like that and cause such a scene at a strangers wedding.

The rest of the movie is dedicated to watching Leo's multiple attempts to get Colette's attention. She rejects his advances numerous times but he won't stop bothering her. Eventually, this starts causing problems in her marriage and she winds up with Leo by the end of the movie.

The plot of this movie disturbs me. After multiple rejections, he will not leave her alone and I couldn't understand why Colette and her husband were being so nice about it. 3/4 of the way through, the husband steps in and threatens Leo, which is the movie's attempt to make the husband look like the bad guy but the reality is that Leo is the bad guy. He interferes with complete strangers lives/marriage and will not quit until he gets what he wants. In typical romantic comedy fashion, they try to make his advances seem innocent and endearing however any normal person in real life would have taken out a restraining order about a half hour into the movie. I am tired of romantic comedies glorifying stalking behaviors that would normally get you arrested.

4 years ago