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Two Moon Junction

Two Moon Junction

Genders: Drama, Romance

Director: Zalman King

Writer: Zalman King (story), MacGregor Douglas (story), Za

Actors: Sherilyn Fenn, Richard Tyson, Louise Fletcher, Burl Ives

Year: 1988
Run time: 104min
IMDB score: 4.8
Updated: 6 months ago

Movie infomation

Movie name: Two Moon Junction

Genders: Drama, Romance

Imdb Score: 4.8

Runtime: 104min

Released: 29 Apr 1988

Director: Zalman King

Writer: Zalman King (story), MacGregor Douglas (story), Za

Actors: Sherilyn Fenn, Richard Tyson, Louise Fletcher, Burl Ives

Company: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

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Nice softcore film.

5/10 Zalman King's Two Moon Junction, probably isn't as good as his 9 1/2 Weeks, but the film does have quite a few love scenes that we wouldn't see in today's films. Sherilyn Fenn stars as April who doesn't seem to like her new fiance Chad (Martin Hewett). In an attempt to find what see wants, she goes to a local carnival and falls for muscle bound carnival worker Perry (Richard Tyson) and have the usual affair. The all star cast includes Academy Award winners, Louise Fletcher (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest) and Burl Ives (The Big Country), other well known cast members include Herve Villichaize (TV's Fantasy Island), Milla Jovovich (The Fifth Element), Millie Perkins (Diary of Anne Frank), Juanita Moore (Academy Award nominee for Imitation of Life) and Kristy McNicole (TV's Empty Nest). Not bad, but could have been a little better for a sex film.

2 years ago

A good old fashioned bodice ripper!

5/10 Okay, let's take this movie for what it is -- a bodice ripper romance novel put on the screen for you to enjoy. It's hardly anything more than that, but does it have to be? The film is set in the "deep south", but the faulty accents and in-and-around LA locations sometimes give it away. It's a highly stylized exercise in melodramatic erotica. There's no mystery here -- even the ending can be seen coming a mile away! Basically the plot is a Southern Belle sows her wild oats before her wedding, and finds herself torn between sensuality and stability. She meets a carny who offers her one last hot fling before she marries her boring college sweetheart. Which one will she chose?

What's to like? Sherilyn Fenn is radiant as April, and overcomes most all of the bad dialogue. She's a great actress! Kristy McNichol steals the few scenes she is in with a flair for comedy and easy earthy sensuality! Why is she not doing more? Richard Tyson plays a rough and tumble drifter carny who gets to pout and preen as a male "himbo" who is justly portrayed as good at one thing. The plot is silly, and you even get an over-the-top Louise Fletcher appearing as the matriarch who knows all too well that "lust fades, but financial security is worth everything!"

I love this movie though. It is charming in its own way, and sensual without being too graphic. Nothing is subtle, but it pays off as one of the most enjoyable Zalman King outings ever! Notice the almost "ALL WHITE" costumes! These people spend a fortune on bleach. Notice the hottest scene seems to be when Sherilyn Fenn and Kristy McNichol dance together on a deserted jukejoint floor. Notice the great soundtrack! Let yourself go, and enjoy an old-fashioned pot boiler romance filmed and acted better than it ever had a right to be.

2 years ago

As steamy and erotic as you let it be

10/10 I have to admit that, of Zalman King's films, the only other one I've seen is
Having said this I let the film be what it wants to be; erotic. Nothing more, nothing less. If you watch having preconceptions about how erotica HAS to involve bad acting, or a lame script, you won't let its passion take over your film experience. I have to admit I wasn't particularly interested in the acting as much as the chemistry between the characters. I felt the acting fine, and chemistry top-notch=)

Not many people have seen . Passion. Sensuality. The difference is TMJ is erotic wheras IGH was about the surfer mentality and spirituality. In both films however, what you see and think are not as important as how you feel while you're watching them. The whole is greater than the sum of their parts.

Richard Tyson as the lead may or may not be adequate for guys, although attractive to most of us women. But whether you're a chick or not, you will find Sherilynn Fenn outright gorgeous, point blank. She's beautiful, sexy, sultry, seductive, mischievous, etc...not to mention a platinum blonde with a charming Southern accent. (Watch for a few tiny but oh-so-precious Milla Jovovich scenes=)

Overall this film obviously isn't an Oscar contender, because there is no category for "most sensual film". But the fact that this is a little-known gem with a LOT of sex appeal,- no taboos, no manipulations or even morals to shove down your throat- is what gives this film its unique appeal, and "the sky is the limit" sexual power; the less preconceptions you have, the more you will enjoy the film =)

Did I mention the soundtrack perfectly complements the eye candy and captures the mood of the film? Another Zalman King strength.

2 years ago

Haunting dreamlike story of passion set in a small southern town-actually this movie is magnificent.


One in awhile a motion picture comes along that, while not Oscar material, makes it's mark as unforgettable. This was definitely such a movie.

The story centers on April(Sherilyn Fenn) a rich southern belle engaged to a preppy southern boy who then meets Perry a drifter/carnival worker(played to perfection by Richard Tyson) and falls head over heels for him. There are thousands of movies made every year with a familiar theme like this. But there is something special and really unique about 2 moon junction that makes it a cut above the rest.

Besides having two absolutely magnificent looking stars two moon junctionalso has atmosphere, sensuality and a great supporting cast including an appearance by Kristy Mc.Nicol. Never boring, the movie is set in a small southern town and manages to capture to a tee, the luminous beauty of the south. Besides it's lovely southern feel, the film has an electric sensuality about it, that coupled with a certain dreaminess, a mystery in most every scene makes the picture irresistible. I'm not a major fan of movies like this but two moon junction was an amazing pic that never received much recognition beyond the "it's hot" type.

I don't know why Fenn and Tyson never became big stars. Both were made for these roles and have an on screen chemistry that contributes a lot to making this movie unforgettable. In fact they are so believable and the chemistry so apparent early on, that the audience is rooting for them from their first meeting. The rest of the cast,particularly an amazing, sassy, Christy Mc.Nicol, and a scheming Louise Fletcher were great too. There is a type of dream like, quiet to this movie, every scene is pivotal to the ultimate ending, the only gripe I have is the ending which while alright was to quick and could have been expanded on a little. Still, this movie(easily) gets a 10 of 10.

Through the years, whenever myself and my fellow movie goers turn somebody on to this film inevitably the same thing happens. They, at first don't want to watch it, then after viewing it, like it so much that they want to see it again. Says a lot about the picture....

Anyone who has ever loved with a kind of mindless passion will be able to relate to this. The magic of the film is also in turning everyday things into objects of mystery. (Look at what they do with a simple carnival!)Many may not agree with me, but I give it 10 of 10-easily. They took a subject matter that has been done over and over again and turned it into something with mystery and intrigue.

2 years ago

Silly but I think I took it too seriously

6/10 Southern belle April Delonpre (Sherilyn Fenn) is out of school and all set for a prearranged marriage with Chad (Martin Hewitt). However she meets Perry (Richard Tyson) who is low class and works with a carnival. They start having sex and falling in love and April's family is horrified...

Basically an R rated porno film for guys--there's plenty of nude shots of Fenn but very few of Tyson. I hated the film but I actually thought this was going to be serious. Obviously it's not. While the sex scenes are pretty hot and Fenn and Tyson have great bodies, the dialogue is pretty lame and the story has been done many times before. The acting is OK and Kristy McNichol throws in an amusing little performance (and goes topless too).

So as a silly little sex film for guys it works. It's gets a 6 for the attractive leads, some nice cinematography and the sex. Just don't take it seriously.

2 years ago