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TT3D: Closer to the Edge

TT3D: Closer to the Edge

Language: Chinese

Author: geocity

Updated: 4 years ago

Files: 1

Year: 2011
Run time: 1h 44min
IMDB score: 7.8

Movie infomation

Movie name: TT3D: Closer to the Edge

Genders: Sport, Documentary

Imdb Score: 7.8

Runtime: 1h 44min

Released: 22 Apr 2011

Director: Richard De Aragues


Actors: Guy Martin, Ian Hutchinson, John McGuinness, Michael Dunlop

Company: CinemaNX


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TT3D..................Cracking movie

10/10 This film tells it like it is, through a racers eyes, all the blood sweat and tears of road racing at its fastest, and sometimes, with its most brutal side for all to see. Once the island has got in your head, it is very difficult to shake it out, to these guys it is like a drug, which they keep going back for more and more, no matter what happens. It is without doubt the best bike orientated film I have ever seen. The TT is a mecca for most motorcyclists, this film gives an insight into why we all go to visit year on year. The choices of focus are well chosen, with three distinct types of rider. Guy Martin, who tells it as he sees it, yet to win a TT event. But a win cannot be far away for Martin. John McGuiness, the hardened 15 times TT winner, bags of experience and guile and no mean rider, very skillful. Ian Hutchinson, cool, focused, a very fast rider. When the film was made Hutchy went on to win 5 races in the TT week, a feat never done before. This mix of character helped make the movie an unmissable experience. To give you an idea how good a movie this is, my wife ain't into bikes, but she was glued to this from start to finish. one word describes it..............Brilliant.

4 years ago

With the totally photogenic Guy Martin playing a starring role how could it go wrong?!

9/10 With great anticipation we travelled the 55 odd miles to the nearest 3D cinema showing this film.

We'd booked the tickets a week before and had then spent the whole week scouring the net for reviews and trailers as we didn't really know how the subject was going to be portrayed. I can happily say we were not disappointed.

The film really took you into the heart of TT racing and showed the spirit and passion of all those involved from the fanatical fans and dedicated Marshall's to the talented and brave riders and their families and teams.

I shed a tear, laughed and most importantly felt a renewed passion and dedication to get us over the water to the TT as soon as possible.

I disagree with a previous review that only men will like this film. There are plenty of us female bikers out there and with the totally photogenic Guy Martin playing a starring role how could it go wrong?! I hope this film goes onto be a big success but, as with all types of biking media, it won't get the coverage or publicity that it really deserves.

Get yourself to a cinema now and watch what is a very well put together, entertaining and interesting bit of cinematography you won't regret it.

4 years ago

A must-see for petrolheads...or anyone with an interest in what makes other people tick...

9/10 Just got back from seeing this in a packed house at the local fleapit, and it seemed most of the crowd were as impressed as I was, although to be fair most of them were probably predisposed to enjoying an hour and a half of on- and off-track action from the run-up to the 2010 TT, and the event itself.

The Isle Of Man TT Races are familiar to motorsport fans around the world as the Holy Grail of roadracing, an astonishing course set over, in, through and around 37 and a bit miles of the Isle Of Man's countryside, mountains, towns, villages and 'road furniture'. Riders blast through narrow country lanes with stone walls, lamp-posts, speeds approaching 200mph.

To some people in this risk-averse age, the obvious question is "Why do these men (and the odd woman) risk their lives?". The majority of the non-racing scenes in the film give the riders point of view on this; it will not spoil anything to say that the consensus is that riding is a thrill like no other; riding at the extreme is something else beyond that. The passion for the race is all-consuming.

When considering the risks these riders take, it is worth bearing in mind that for many of the riders (and their crews) this is not a full time job. They are not millionaires like formula 1 drivers. While other people get a look in, the focus and star of the show here is Guy Martin, the part-time lorry mechanic, part-time superbike racer, full-time charismatic rebel who has the talent, drive and popular support of a great champion but has never won a TT. Will he do it this year ? Those who follow the sport know the answer, those who don't will be willing him on during the film's race scenes.

I would recommend this without hesitation to anyone who is into motorsport, anyone who wants to understand why other people are into it, and most strongly I would recommend it to anyone who has the slightest interest in learning about other people, what makes them tick, and what you can learn from them.

4 years ago

Almost unbelievable

10/10 The first film that has affected me enough to bother writing a review. Excellent throughout, tense, terrifying, well filmed and good narration. Much more than just another bike documentary.

Few weak spots - narration, although technically good, was in a weak American tone, not ideally suited to something as British as the Isle of Man. Some of the solo footage of Guy riding was a bit weak. He was obviously not going fast, but made to appear so. The on boards were incredible. The atmosphere incredible. The passion incredible.

Never has a cinema completely full of men (99%) been so quiet for so long. The film finished to a stunned silence.


4 years ago

does exactly what is says on the tin

10/10 I have never know a movie fly by so quickly. This does for Road racing and bike racing in general, what LeMans did for the 24 hour race or what Senna may well do for F1. For once here is a film where the 3D isn't a gimmick or an add on to make a poor film seem better, no here it took you to the heart of the action. You felt you were there with the personalities and some of the bravest (or fool hardy) people on the planet. And yet everyone who spoke seemed to think racing motorbikes around a street course at average speeds of over 130 mph was the most natural thing in the world. My admiration goes out not only to those who appeared in the film but also to Bridgett Dobbs who probably gives those who haven't competed there the greatest insight. To quote Sir Jackie Stewart "Having just seen that film I think that us Formula One drivers are a bunch of pussycats in comparison. People will see that film and want to go to the TT. I certainly want to go to the race". High Praise indeed and a film that does real justice to the Isle of Man TT. Brilliant and unmissable. The human stories make this film accessible to everyone so you don't need to be a biker to see this film. Congratulations to all involved. More please!

4 years ago