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The Warrior's Way

The Warrior's Way

Language: Portuguese

Author: Bruno1981

Updated: 6 years ago

Files: 1

Year: 2010
Run time: 1h 40min
IMDB score: 6.2

Movie infomation

Movie name: The Warrior's Way

Genders: Action, Fantasy, Western

Imdb Score: 6.2

Runtime: 1h 40min

Released: 03 Dec 2010

Director: Sngmoo Lee

Writer: Sngmoo Lee

Actors: Dong-gun Jang, Kate Bosworth, Geoffrey Rush, Danny Huston

Box Office: $5.7M

Company: Rogue


Imdb Link

00:00:22,800 --> 00:00:24,980
Est� bem.
Est� sentado?

00:00:25,191 --> 00:00:27,585
Est� ouvindo bem?

00:00:30,495 --> 00:00:33,823
Esta � a hist�ria
de um Flauta Triste,

00:00:34,029 --> 00:00:35,383
um beb� sorridente

00:00:35,384 --> 00:00:37,464
e um espada chorando.




Entertaining, Stylish, not much Substance

6/10 I am one that love stylish movies, especially action movies and I was hoping for a little more out of this. To be honest, the story is a bit lacking, but the action is very cool. There are some scenes which play more than others. The main character hardly ever talks and its really noticeable. I love Kate Bosworth in this movie, she is a saving grace to this film. I can't put my finger on it, but it is missing something. Its missing that "awe" moment that I was hoping it would deliver. You know, that scene that would make your mouth drop and I was expecting it from this movie. It was just too slow. And the writing is off. It is just not quite there. The pace of the film is off also. Still, entertaining as hell, but don't waste your money on seeing in that XD format (which stands for eXtreme Digital). That just a waste of some extra bucks. There is nothing more you are going to gain watching it in even, supposedly, higher def than what theaters normally do. But the movie is very stylish. Its the latest movie of mixing two genres,ninjas and westerns. And I give it a 7 out of 10, it did its job of entertaining. Btw, not a family movie and definitely not for small kids. I think guys will like it more than women. It is worth going to the theater to see. It is not worth a blind buy on blu-ray when it comes out. It is worth buying on blu-ray if you are into it and have seen the movie. But I would go out with your buddies, don't expect much and you will get more.

5 years ago

atmospheric action

7/10 I regret watching this movie at home and not at the movie theater. these kind of movies are much more enjoyable specially on the big screen. The movie has a magic to it and atmosphere that is very well portrayed.

I loved the hero character being the " silent and deadly " type, it saved the script and boosted up the acting.

If you are into samurai and warrior's from the east and such I definitely recommend this movie, it successfully managed to combine swordsman skills with cowboy gun fights, which I never seen before. the movie is very stylish and they did a great job with the atmospheric effects.

5 years ago

Move over pirates, because it's cowboys vs. ninja time!

10/10 The concept in itself sounds cool. Assassins from the east battle against cowboys from the west. With The Warrior's Way, we get the best of both worlds with likable characters, especially the little baby. The setting of the movie is very stylized, and brings you a very romanticized western. The same can be said about the eastern setting. You can tell that the director loves Sergio Leone and Akira Kurosawa movies.

The story of The Warrior's Way is that of an assassin travels to the west because his clan is after him for not completing his mission, to kill a cute little baby girl (The baby's really cute). The unnamed assassin stops his journey at Lode, a western town filled with circus folks. But we all know life isn't that easy, as bandits and the ninja clan finds a way to make the life of the unnamed assassin hard.

The action doesn't start until later in the film, since it's focused on the life of the assassin as he tries to find peace. Once the action starts, get ready for a good time, because our hero slices and dices cowboys and ninja alike. Once action sequence had the same style as 300, while other actions scenes felt like a live-action anime.

With all the gun and swordplay, the true heart of the movie are the characters. The movie's able to fill us in on the main characters' back story and we see why they do what they do. You name it, they all have a history, well maybe not random cowboy #43. Kate Bosworth is very sassy, yet sweet and cute. Jang Dong Gun is able to show his humanity subtly even though most of the time he's emotionless. Danny Huston's character is a nasty one, but I'll let you guys watch it to see how nasty he can be.

You can tell that the cast and crew had a fun time making this movie as much as I enjoyed watching it, since the movie doesn't take itself too seriously and has a nice blend of humor and violence. The Warrior's Way brings the magic of the west and east and mixes in influences from spaghetti westerns and action anime and jumbles it together to serve us something really cool.

5 years ago

Geoffrey Rush Can Never Make a Bad Movie

10/10 What do you get when you take 'Unforgiven' and 'Ninja Assassin' and the world's greatest actor (Geoffrey Rush) and put them together? An awesome movie!!!

A young warrior seeks to be the greatest swordsman ever, but refuses to kill the baby he is ordered to kill. He takes the baby to the American Wild West and hides among a group of struggling circus performers and a drunk ex-bank robber. Cowboys want revenge on the woman in the town and the clan wants the warrior dead and the battle begins as they all end up in the town at the same time. There are a few graphic scenes, but not as much as other Martial Arts movies like Kill Bill or Ninja Assassin. Geoffrey Rush (Ronald, the drunk ex-robber) is an awesome actor who gave a great performance with some doses of humor! He is NOT capable of making a lousy movie. He did an awesome job.

The storyline was great and the acting of all was excellent. There was suspense, humor, sadness, and love. The R rating is well-earned, as this is NOT for younger audiences.

Now... go see this... right now. Run... don't walk to go get this movie now.

What... you're still here...???

5 years ago

Brilliant in every way

10/10 This is a superb work of art from the moment it starts to the moment it finishes. It is stylish, theatrical when the dramatic content demands it, beautifully shot, wonderfully acted, terrific story telling, great action pieces, and, most importantly, entertaining.

The plot is simple. The world's most wonderful swordsman - ever - is lonely, bored, tired of his existence when he meets his last remaining enemy a young baby. He has been disciplined strictly to always kill the enemy because if you do not the enemy will kill you. The story moves smoothly and surefootedly along from there in a way that only the best stories move, and I'll not spoil the treat from there.

Some people may resist films about martial arts and swordplay but there is much more to this story than the fights. Indeed the human element is one of the films strongest suites. And, because the settings and cinematography are so brilliant, you are treated to a cartoon like outline to emphasise every little detail you are watching.

Films like this are few and far between on circuits in the west because story telling is so formulaic instead of innovating, invigorating, and involving. The humour, for example, is not silly punchlines it is visual treatment of things we all experience done with a caress of a brush and delicate hands.

I know not why but the East Asian cinema seems much better able to express good and bad in a fluid way, so that although we may know who is good and bad both sides have strengths and weaknesses just as in real life. It makes for gripping tension as you try to work out what will happen next, or, as I now tend to do, just sit back and enjoy the sumptuous presentation you know you are going to get.

Brilliant work all round and my congratulations to all concerned. This will now be one of my all time favourites. Thanks guys.

5 years ago