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The Smoke

The Smoke

Language: English - Release: The Smoke 2014 1080p BrRip x264 YIFY

Author: sub

Updated: 3 years ago

Files: 2

Year: 2014
Run time: 89min
IMDB score: 4.4

Movie infomation

Movie name: The Smoke

Genders: Romance, Crime, Thriller

Imdb Score: 4.4

Runtime: 89min

Released: 04 Oct 2014

Director: Ben Pickering

Writer: Darren Ripley

Actors: Matt Di Angelo, Lili Bordán, Stephen Marcus, Darren Ripley

Imdb Link

00:00:00,012 --> 00:00:03,877
Ladies and gentlemen.
All rise for the hottest arse in Mile End.

00:00:03,923 --> 00:00:06,159
I've been a firefighter since I was 18.

00:00:07,058 --> 00:00:08,403
Where's it got me?

00:00:08,687 --> 00:00:11,002
On a scale of one to completely shafted,
where am I?

00:00:13,869 --> 00:00:16,910
We said take it slow, if you need
the traumadol, you're not ready.

00:00:26,116 --> 00:00:27,873
Little Al!

00:00:31,642 --> 00:00:33,806
Little Al, can you hear me?

00:00:38,681 --> 00:00:39,735

00:00:41,331 --> 00:00:43,223
Al, wait right up.

00:00:48,073 --> 00:00:49,295

00:00:51,931 --> 00:00:54,040
Calm down, calm down, look at me.

The Smoke Available Subtitles

Arabic subtitles The Smoke3 years ago



Couldn't wait for it to end

1/10 It's not often that I end up watching a film almost entirely without merit purely by my own choice but unfortunately I have only myself and some misleading critic reviews to blame for this wasted 90 minutes.

The storyline is so unbelievable that it makes eastenders seem like a gritty east end documentary/drama. The characters are both exceptionally shallow and deeply flawed, the dialogue is mostly appalling other than a few mildly amusing interchanges between some of the villains and the most appealing part of the whole movie is the ending - not the content of the ending itself but the actual cessation of poor quality viewing that was truly like a weight being lifted from my chest.

I love a shameless "glamorous" gangster flick like lock stock, snatch or layer cake but this is nothing like those. It's a very cheap impersonation. This film is the movie equivalent of one of those fake aftershaves you see a street vendor selling for £5 on a stall in turkey.

Save your time and do something more productive like sitting in the dark alone rather than watch this.

3 years ago

A different take on the usual Brit gangster flick

7/10 From the start The Smoke feels a bit different from your usual gangster carnage flick from the Tanters and the Sothcotts of this world - which might be why those fooled by the mis-marketing of this romantic crime thriller as a "proper lads' film" might feel a little misled.

The producers seem to have tried to up the ante with chases through underground train stations, exploding cars and a Paris-set finale with a reformed hooker given a second chance in life (and a dalmatian!) at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. Not your average gangster move.

And while they don't fully succeed in delivering the next Layer Cake or Lock Stock, at worst it feels like a noble failure.

Matt di'Angelo's turn as Brad, the lawyer having the baddest of bad days, deserves praise and plaudits - he's more than your average soap star and it shows. His co-star Lili Bordan oozes sex and vulnerability in equal measure with her damaged call girl Jodie. Without their performances, the film would possibly struggle to anchor but they act as a gel to the rest of the narrative. As good leads should!

You get the feeling that much of the film is on a cutting room floor somewhere though and that something bolder was on the cards. Jeff Leach, who plays Brad's best mate Dean, spoke about many of his best scenes not making the final cut for some reason, and Wikipedia refer to this 89 minute release as the "studio cut". So maybe a Director's Cut is bobbing around out there for people to really judge one day...

3 years ago