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The Saratov Approach

The Saratov Approach

Genders: Action, Drama

Director: Garrett Batty

Writer: Garrett Batty

Actors: Corbin Allred, Maclain Nelson, Nikita Bogolyubov, Alex Veadov

Year: 2013
Run time: 107min
IMDB score: 7.9
Updated: 3 years ago

Movie infomation

Movie name: The Saratov Approach

Genders: Action, Drama

Imdb Score: 7.9

Runtime: 107min

Released: 09 Oct 2013

Director: Garrett Batty

Writer: Garrett Batty

Actors: Corbin Allred, Maclain Nelson, Nikita Bogolyubov, Alex Veadov

Company: Purdie Distribution


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Low-budget B-movie with a predictable plot.

2/10 A noticeably low-budget B-movie that is challenging your suspension of disbelief.

It was probably filmed in Ukraine (since it's cheaper, I guess) and all the billboards and labels in "Saratov" are actually not in Russian, which is extremely annoying. (Imagine a movie showing New York, where everything is written in German. The "Russian" guy in one of the scenes can't even pronounce the word "christian" properly). When the characters enter a typical panel-block house in "Saratov", we end up seeing your typical Brooklyn lobby. This series of flukes never ends.

The plot itself is predictable and spread out. The first 20 minutes of the film could easily be conveyed in 2 minutes. The rest of the movie maintains this ratio.

3 years ago

I had to turn it off after an hour.

1/10 This movie is no more that a crafty sermon.

It hooks you in by appealing to your emotions and a flashback sequence, but doesn't deliver anything other than segues into Sunday school lessons and prayer time. I don't know the original story, so I cannot compare it to that. The worst part is that this movie seemed like it could have been so much better.

The score is distracting, incessant, and out-of-place; The writing is nothing original (some parts of it are ~2000 years old!); and you have ~30 year old actors playing 19 and 20 year old characters, which is also very distracting.

I was convinced to watch this movie by the reviews on, and you should really avoid making the same mistake I did.

3 years ago

How to ruin a good story on film

1/10 First of all, before I get attacked for this review, I want it known that I am LDS. That said, I'm not the type of LDS blindly submissive follower, I'm of the free-thinking variety and as such, this is not a critique of the story or religion. as a person who studied film production in a major university, however, I must say this is one of the most poorly made films I have ever seen in a very long time.

The story is fine, if you can get past the mostly-awful acting, intrusive music, continuously shaky camera work - obviously in competition for the largest number of nauseated viewers since 99's 'The Blair Witch Project' and quite a bit of filler involving 1990's basketball references and ineffective waiting family scenes, you might actually enjoy it.

The film has its moments, two exactly, but the other 100 minutes are not worth watching for those brief moments of redemption. Had this film been made another way, it could have really been something, the basic story is good, the script, screenplay and film production isn't up to par, even considering other low-budget films.

Personally, I wish I would have just bought a ticket to see 'Saving Mr. Banks' or 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty' again.

3 years ago

You need blind faith to endure this Rasputin v. Tintin mush

2/10 Be highly aware that the positive reviews written here are driven by the religion of the writers.

The score is truly appalling, ill-fitted to the context, almost constant throughout the film and extremely irritating.

The narrative is cardboard cut-out in it's execution and as convincing in it's delivery as the fable that the founder of the Latter Day Saint movement, Joseph Smith, was directed to golden plates buried near his home by an angel. (Oh, and the angel repossessed the plates before they ever saw the light of day - convenient eh?).

If you want to watch a couple of preppies handcuffed to a radiator for 90 minutes, be my guest.

3 years ago

well crafted sermonizing hung on the frame of a true story

4/10 Despite what the other 10 star reviews would have you believe, this is very much an LDS movie that will likely appeal only to LDS audiences. Since it's a true story that made TV news in its day, I suppose it is no spoiler to reveal that not much happens to the two kidnapped missionaries during their 5 days of captivity before they are voluntarily released. For that reason the screenplay fills the action void with: a dream sequence, many flashbacks, a heady dose of preaching to the camera, and some none-too-subtle figura christi allusions. But I'll grant you that it is a fairly well made film for its type. It's true that the actors playing the missionaries are about ten years too old for their roles and the ones playing Senators and FBI agents are about 10 years too young, but overall the film is comfortably shot and scored. Yes, the hand-held camera is herky-jerky even when it doesn't need to be, but who really cares about these quibbles? Go see it if you skipped Sacrament Meeting last Sunday or if you just want to reinforce your belief that deep down all gentiles really respect we Mormons even when their use of coffee, tea, and beer makes them do bad things -- like not root for the Utah Jazz.

3 years ago