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The Lost World: Jurassic Park

The Lost World: Jurassic Park

Language: Portuguese

Author: dimas008

Updated: 4 years ago

Files: 1

Year: 1997
Run time: 2h 9min
IMDB score: 6.3

Movie infomation

Movie name: The Lost World: Jurassic Park

Genders: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Imdb Score: 6.3

Runtime: 2h 9min

Released: 23 May 1997

Director: Steven Spielberg

Writer: Michael Crichton, David Koepp

Actors: Jeff Goldblum, Julianne Moore, Pete Postlethwaite, Vince Vaughn

Company: Universal Pictures


Imdb Link

00:01:02,300 --> 00:01:07,055
160 Km a sudoeste da ilha Nublar

00:01:20,861 --> 00:01:24,365
O MUNDO PERDIDO - Jurassic Park

00:01:37,420 --> 00:01:39,380
Tem um aspecto fabuloso.

00:01:39,546 --> 00:01:41,465
Obrigado, Geoffrey.

00:01:41,674 --> 00:01:45,219
Tamb�m vamos beber um copo
de vinho tinto. Obrigada.


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Korean subtitles The Lost World: Jurassic Park4 years ago



No Dinosaur Pun, it's Just Bad

5/10 Where Jurassic Park succeeded by showing us a world that had been limited to our imagination, "The Lost World" fails due to the lack of imagination of the screenwriter, hack extraordinaire David Koepp.

I can't imagine anyone reads these things without expecting to hear plot points; however I will warn you that there are spoilers in this review.

It was pretty obvious that this movie was in trouble when Sam Neill refused to come back. This is nothing against Jeff Goldblum - he is a great actor, and certainly has the presence to carry a movie. But here he is saddled with quite a few problems. First, the screenplay is terrible. There is only one sympathetic character - Richard Schiff's Eddie Carr - and he is killed off rather early. You are left to pick your hero from among these likeable characters:

- Julianne Moore - an actress of whom I am not fond - playing a know-it-all paleontologist who cannot act in a coherent, logical manner. At the beginning of the movie, she actually pets a dinosaur, then admonishes the others for getting near them. "We musn't disturb them!" she states. Then, against all scientific wisdom, she takes a wounded baby T-Rex, whining and howling, into the camp. The results, like the movie, are predictable

- Vince Vaughn as Nick Van Owen, a Greenpeace hippie so stupid he actually takes bullets out of peoples' guns, resulting in a lot of "he's going to save that guy by shooting the dinosaur ... no, wait, the hippie got to his gun! Horray for nature!" And then another character gets eaten.

- Jeff Goldblum, mugging for the camera at every opportunity. Again, a funny, capable actor, but with nothing to work with here

- Malcolm's daughter, who is for some reason black (never explained, and apparently only part of the script so someone can make the "no family resemblance" joke). She mainly screams and chastises daddy for not keeping his promises

All of this is the product of Mr. Hack, David "Panic Room" Koepp. The screenplay is all over the place. First there are the errors in scientific reasoning and basic character behavior listed above. Some might think, "who cares?" Well, I do, dammit. If you're going to write a dinosaur movie, is it so rough to write a good one? This trash isn't even camp - camp is winking at the audience. This script is just junk. Let me list a few plotholes:

- How did the daughter manage to stay aboard the trailer during its entire time of transit and nobody noticed her? - Why did the daughter build a fire outside, when the trailer has all the comforts of a modern home inside? - Why are all of the large weapons discarded after the first dinosaur attack? - Why are none of the soldiers aware of what they are facing, so they can do stupid things like run from T-Rexes, wear headphones during life-or-death situations, and generally act like a bunch of redshirts?

- How, exactly, did the dinosaurs on the ship kill the entire crew, keep the ship steered perfectly towards the harbor, then seal themselves back into the cargo hold? - How did the dinosaurs on the friggin' ship escape? They were all in containers! Are we supposed to believe all of the containment failed, or that one dinosaurs got out and selflessly released all the other ones?

- Why didn't the "world's most deadly neurotoxin" have ANY effect on the T-Rex?

The answer to all of these questions: the screenwriter is terrible. David Koepp seems to completely forget the sci-fi surrounding in which his characters are immersed, glossing over HUGE areas of potential interest to get to: family conflict. That's right! See the daughter chastise daddy for not being around! See mom talk about how she "needs her space". Isn't that why you go to see a dinosaur movie - to hear people working out their personal issues?

There really isn't anything to recommend this movie. The scenes in San Diego are particularly ridiculous. Koepp tries to go for some form of light comedy - "Mommy, there's a dinosaur in the backyard!" - instead of the true carnage we all wanted to see.

Even Jurassic Park III - with Tea Leoni stinking up the screen and screaming at the drop of a hat, and that annoying little kid - was better than this at providing sheer thrills and excitement.

4 years ago

I like it

9/10 I saw this in a theater in 1997 and I thought I liked it. I just saw it again on DVD last night, and I now I know I do. What I can't figure out is why so many people think it's so horrible. After seeing JP III a few weeks ago, I still think The Lost World is better. Of course the original is the best, but The Lost World is packed with suspense, witty dialogue (especially Goldblum's), and of course, the usual great looking dinosaurs. There are a few things I don't like, the gymnastics routine towards the end being at the top of the list. But other than that and a few silly lines, this movie is almost as thrilling as the first. Personally, I don't care if the plot of this one is weak. I've never even really given that any thought. The first 100 minutes or so are loaded with excitement, then the finale with the T-Rex in the city is, if you ask me, played mostly for laughs. Yes it's like Godzilla, and The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms, but that's the point. It's like those movies but with 21st century (almost) special effects. And it's just plain fun to see this dinosaur stomping through the suburbs, drinking from a swimming pool and, wreaking havoc at gas station minimart. I think if you don't take the San Diego scenes too seriously, and look at it as Spielberg's way of paying homage to *and* poking fun at the Godzilla-type movies, you can appreciate this portion of the movie. Then to wrap it all up with Bernard Shaw from CNN, and an obvious open door to a sequel - what more could you ask for? Well, maybe a better plot as some people seem to be saying, but I think this is a great popcorn movie and it works for me.

4 years ago


8/10 My Rating: *** out of ****.

I dont understand all the horrible reviews for this film. Sure not a great film, but definitely a good, entertaining movie. I enjoyed it just as much as the first Jurassic Park.

The Lost World still contains impressive, eye popping effects. These are just as flawless as the CGI as the first Jurassic Parks. There are more dinosaurs and they all look great. The film contains more action than the first and its all exciting. One scene that stands out is the scene with the Raptors in the fields. I love the way Spielberg shot it.

This is not a big acting movie, but its not that bad. Jeff Goldblum is good as Ian Malcolm, but had a little more energy in the first one. Julianne Moore is adequate but looks a bit uncomfortable at times. Vanessa Lee Chester is better than the other kids in the last film. The rest of the acting is adequate.

Many people thought this film was redundant of the first. I wouldnt call it redundant but it is a little bit too familiar in areas. The Lost World takes place in a different area but it is not much different from the first one. However, it is an entertaining movie. The action overshadows the story.

The big problem I have with The Lost World is the ending. It doesnt make sense how The T-Rex got loose. Its also a King Kong Rip-Off. Its visually stunning looking, the TREX doesnt look out of place at all. But it was showing CGI instead of doing something with the story. Nevertheless, even with its flaws The Lost World is entertaining and not worthy of its horrible reviews.

4 years ago

An awful mess created around a few scenes

1/10 First of all, let me start of by saying that I am a huge Jurassic Park fan. However, this movie was just awful for so many reasons. I surely didn't expect such crap from Spielberg. It's all the annoying little things that they make us put up with just so they shoot some pre-planned action shots or hopefully make it into a ride at Universal.

1. How would Malcolm's daughter sneak into the camper in the first place, wouldn't he say goodbye to her before departing.

2. What the hell was she doing at the construction site in the first place.

3. Could they have picked a more confusing person to be his daughter, how about a pair of Siamese twins that were attached by the head.

4. Could anyone possibly believe that Malcolm just happens to be dating or in love with the one person in the world that needs to go on the island first(Julianne Moore).

5. An expert in the field (Julianne Moore) would be dumb enough to bring a baby T-Rex into the camper.

6. Malcolm's daughter just happens to want to go somewhere really high & that 1 piece of equipment is available.

Most of the characters especially Julianne Moore as just horribly miscast and seem really out of character. .....this is as far as I have gotten & I just can't stomach any more of this. Shame of Spielberg for making this.

4 years ago

Let Me Get This Straight...

1/10 You have a bunch of idiots on an island populated by carnivorous dinosaurs. One dude gets eaten alive by these little pirhana-like creatures while he's taking a whiz because he doesn't have sense enough to stay close to his party. Brilliant. I don't suppose it ever occurred to these idiots that meat eating also included human flesh if it was around when the dinosaurs were really alive. Then you have a bunch of people running around in the grass, knowing that there are grass raptors around. Again, brilliant. Where did these people get their science degrees? K-Mart Blue Light Special? Some dingbat picks up a baby tyrannosaurus rex because it has a broken leg and takes it to her lab to treat it. Uh..excuse me. That baby has a momma. And momma won't be very happy to see some human with her baby.

Not content with all this silliness, they have to top themselves and, as far as I'm concerned, win the all-time prize for being stupid in a no stupid zone. They put a tyrannosaurus rex on a ship bound from Costa Rica to San Diego. Did they really think there was a cargo hold that could hold that creature for very long? And to add insult to injury, they have this same creature terrorizing the streets of San Diego. "Mom! Dad! There is a dinosaur in our back yard." Right. Go back to sleep, kid. And then he eats the dog? And drinks out of the swimming pool? This brings me to a dumb question. What effect would drinking chlorinated water have on a tyrannosaurus rex? Okay, enough of this foolishness. This movie was stupid, and the so-called scientists did not show an ounce of common sense. And neither did the script writers. 1 out of 10.

4 years ago