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The Devil Inside

The Devil Inside

Genders: Horror

Director: William Brent Bell

Writer: William Brent Bell, Matthew Peterman

Actors: Fernanda Andrade, Simon Quarterman, Evan Helmuth, Ionut Grama

Year: 2012
Run time: 1h 23min
IMDB score: 4.1
Updated: 3 years ago

Movie infomation

Movie name: The Devil Inside

Genders: Horror

Imdb Score: 4.1

Runtime: 1h 23min

Released: 06 Jan 2012

Director: William Brent Bell

Writer: William Brent Bell, Matthew Peterman

Actors: Fernanda Andrade, Simon Quarterman, Evan Helmuth, Ionut Grama

Box Office: $53.2M

Company: Paramount Pictures


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Did I see the same movie that you guys did?

8/10 First off, I'm not a 15 year old girl who just saw her first scary movie. Second, I really enjoy the intimacy and tone of found footage movies.

I am shocked to see so many negative reviews about this movie. The trailer was not misleading? I'm confused about some of the negative hype. If you are saying there is no real ending to this movie, or that you don't understand, you need to see the movie again. It very clearly explains itself. I really enjoyed the ending. I really don't like hype, but I gave into it when people started posting the trailer everywhere. When it came out, and I saw all the negative reviews, I immediately lowered my standards. This movie did not disappoint.

This is not a big budget thriller. If you want another cheesy movie with hot naked girls running away from serial killers, go watch Hostel. It may not be strikingly original, but I found the tone to be very scary. If you want to see the another Academy Award worthy film with amazing dialogue and special effects, go see something else.

It is very rare that a movie gets my adrenaline going. You have to remember that this is supposed to be a documentary that takes place in the time span of a couple months, not a narrative about someone's life. You have to use your imagination to get into the style of film. I guess some people don't have imaginations anymore.

I found the jump scenes to be quite frequent and valid to the story, although one jump scene with a dog comes at a random time in the movie, and has nothing to do with the storyline.

There is more gore than I anticipated, which is a plus. I feel like they fit it into the movie very well. Senseless, randomly placed gore in a film shows me that the creators are trying too hard. The special effects were not overdone. The exorcism scenes were quite disturbing, unlike what others may be saying.

The story takes a turn when after the exorcism of the lead role Isaballa's mother, the demons transfer to the priest, and eventually Isabella. I guess people are interpreting this as a hole in the story or something, but I thought it was a great turn.

Summary: I'm extremely picky on horror movies, I find most to be either over done or really generic. This one got me. I am a fan of the style of film, although some people are not. This movie will receive low ratings because it's not The Sixth Sense or Insidious, but will end up with a good cult following, seeing as some people do actually care to have a good thrill. If you like Blair Witch, I'd highly recommend this movie. I was NOT disappointed.

4 years ago

This movie absolutely deserves an advocate

7/10 I think everyone is giving this movie a bum wrap. Yeah, it didn't have an amazing ending, and in all honesty, I don't know a lot of horrors that do have successful or satisfying endings. I really don't think they are the primary concern of this genre, and if they are, they're the difference between 7/10 and 10/10 stars.

The fact is, this was a creepy movie. I was legitimately upset watching it. I think they did a great job of incorporating claustrophobia with the completely unpredictable mother, it was very uncomfortable and I was impressed. Were the characters any good? decent enough for me, when are characters ever really that brilliant in horrors? Again, it's not my primary concern, I go with the hope of being scared and this movie was more successful than I'm used to in that sense.

I was also very impressed with how well they shattered the sense of safety in the movie. The demons were running wild, they made significant development jumping between people and they were totally unpredictable. They were always initially restrained and they were always too strong to be held back.

My only real complaint: I'm tired of the documentary style horrors. Yeah, maybe they would have been better off ending the movie 2 minutes earlier. I don't care, I'll get over it.

4 years ago

Devil's food cake is scarier than this

2/10 Movies about demonic possession have been around for a very long time, some are terrifying, some are horrible. I saw the trailer for The Devil Inside when I went to see Paranormal Activity 3 and the whole audience was screaming, I have to admit that it gave me the chills too. Even though it looked a little silly, there were some genuinely creepy moments. So I saw this yesterday and despite all the bad reviews I was really curious to see what this movie was about and to give it a fair chance and may I say that the bad reviews are very justified. Not to say that this is the worst film I have ever seen, but I am getting sick of the "lost footage" genre, we know it's all fake so why bother trying to make us believe that it's real? Though the one thing I really give the film credit for is that it tried something different by making it into a documentary type of movie, which was really cool and I loved that it looked at both the scientific and religious side of demonic possession, giving the viewer a reason to question what was real and what was possibly a mental illness. However the slow pace of the creeps and the scares leads into one of the worst endings in movie history.

Maria Rossi committed a triple murder during an exorcism performed on her. The Catholic Church became involved, and she has since been in a Catholic psychiatric hospital in Rome. Her daughter, Isabella, learned of the murders from her father, who died three days after telling her. Twenty years later, Isabella is in the process of filming a documentary about exorcisms, and to find out more about her mother, she visits a school in Rome that deals with exorcisms and enters a classroom where students, priests and scientists are having a discussion about whether or not a subject is possessed by a demon or just has a mental condition. She has dinner with a few students and ends up getting a little closer with two priests, Ben and David. They talk more about the differences between being possessed and mental illnesses, and inform Isabella that they can't explain the differences, it's something you "just know". On that note, Ben and David are operating outside of the Church and performing exorcisms to help patients. Isabllea then decides they are the perfect duo to help her mom, but they may have bitten more than they can chew when they accept.

If you make a film about demonic possession, offer something new that we haven't seen before. I'm not talking about just the contorted bodies and talking in tongues, but they offer something great with a demon that could jump from body to body just terrorizing every human but then after this great idea and making you want even more, they pull the rug out from under you. Also, when did the demons get such a potty mouth? Taking a page from The Exorcist? The film does copy off of previous possession films which makes it not as original. The characters are unbelievable and not sympathetic so you don't care about what happens to them. Why would a family put their possessed daughter in the creepy basement locked up? Why after a priest tries to drown a baby during a baptism he's able to just walk out of the church? And why in these lost footage films do people during critical times always grab a camera? There are some good little scares with the mother who the film is somewhat centered around with her possession, what a chilling performance. However with a horrible ending, the movie is just ruined. The audience comes wanting to be entertained, not feel like they just got slapped in the face as the director is counting their money laughing to the bank.


4 years ago


5/10 Exorcism of Emily Rose tops this movie.... And that's not saying a whole lot. The plot was good, the acting....par but you saw everything coming. The ending was I call a "ran out of money" ending. Definitely worth waiting for the DVD release. I didn't mind the whole Blair witch/paranormal activity/cloverfield camera action they used. It was just the fact you knew what was coming 1 step ahead. Not to leave out the very dull ending but I guess it would have cost too much $ to actually leave us paying folk to know what happened to the people we spent the last 87 minutes caring about. Overall had a few creepy parts. Dog barking made my body ache. Just don't waste your time and money running to the theater to see this one.

4 years ago

Laughing all the way to the bank.

2/10 Before saying anything, let me point out I watch all films with an open mind, and normally I can enjoy a film regardless of how technically poor it is.

This however, was a farce. I honestly can't believe this film got released into theatres, scene after scene was a regurgitation of scenes that we've all seen before. Not just individual scenes, but the whole tone of the film was so familiar and dull.

I didn't take count, but after a noticeable amount of times of the date being shot at me with a low dong was laughable, the bloke who made it must've watched paranormal activity and thought "ooh that was good, I'll have that... then I'll grossly over use it" There was nothing new about any of the exorcism scenes, apart from it was with a hand held camera.. wow. just watch the exorcist and shake the TV around.

I felt like i was watching an awful, pretentious student film from the outset and most of the acting had me cringing in my seat. I literally have never seen a worse all round acting display in my life... it was just totally unacceptable. They were trying so hard to make it look 'real' or 'genuine' and it just looked pathetic, so many face head scratching and little smirks to themselves.

I won't go into the ending... but it summed the movie up really. unoriginal, contrived and no shock factor (which was obviously intended) you know when a film is so bad its kind of entertaining? well this is just offensive. It was shameful. I can't think of one redeeming quality.


4 years ago