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The Cokeville Miracle

The Cokeville Miracle

Language: Spanish - Release: The Cokeville Miracle 2015 1080p BrRip x264 YIFY

Author: JR2k2

Updated: 4 years ago

Files: 1

Year: 2015
Run time: 94min
IMDB score: 7.7

Movie infomation

Movie name: The Cokeville Miracle

Genders: Drama, Family, History

Imdb Score: 7.7

Runtime: 94min

Released: 05 Jun 2015

Director: T.C. Christensen

Writer: T.C. Christensen

Actors: Nathan Stevens, Jasen Wade, Caitlin E.J. Meyer, Mason D. Davis

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You could have heard a pin drop

10/10 The story was very compelling and well done. I remember hearing the story when it happened in 1986 but didn't know the full story. I had remembered people saying at the time that it was a miracle that the children all lived but had no idea what was meant by that. Now I understand the full story and what a great story it is. The scenes before the miracle happened were well done and I could feel real tension and anxiety about the situation even though I knew the final outcome. The message was very positive and uplifting and anyone but a sociopath could not help but be moved by the story. Many people were crying during the show. I left feeling that I had witnessed a miracle myself. A very positive story, just really feel good. The acting was very good, especially on the children's part. I have to admit that I have never been to a movie where the entire audience never left their seats until ALL the credits were finished. Then they clapped. I am really glad I saw this movie and not another shoot-em-up.

4 years ago

More Than Just a Movie . . .

10/10 For me THE COKEVILLE MIRACLE was more than a movie -- it was a spiritual experience. A true story that has been faithfully told that explores the results of the combined prayers of children held as hostages in a grade school with parents and thousands following the story on the media. Director T.C. Christensen has previously explored the power of human endurance and faith in his hand-cart pioneer dramas 17 MIRACLES and EPHRAIM'S RESCUE which were based on factual recorded events, but THE COKEVILLE MIRACLE is a record of something that has happened in my lifetime that I read about at the time of its happening and it has given me a deeper understanding of the miracles that took place at that event. It is a powerful testament to the nearness of a caring Heavenly Father. True we do not understand why tragic things in life do not always turn out in the way that we would have them do but that does not change the fact God does hear and answer prayers according to His wisdom and purposes. The film is beautifully acted, written, directed and is a breath of fresh air for anyone seeking an uplifting experience. Highly recommended!

4 years ago

Great Christian Film, don't miss this one

10/10 This is one of the best Christian films I have seen. It is on par with God's Not Dead and Heaven is for Real. I remember when this event actually happened and had heard about some of the events of the movie but I was struck by the incredible story and the intense scenes as well as the emotional impact this movie had on me. I don't know when I have been so impacted by a movie. A must see. I have seen other movies by T.C. Christensen but nothing he has done has been anything like this. The entire audience was riveted to their seats and I watched many people leave very emotional. I am going to track down the book and see if I can also research the story more thoroughly. I loved seeing the many children, now grown up, who appeared during the credits.

4 years ago

Outstanding movie with incredible story line.

10/10 My wife and I saw this movie on 8 June 2015 and were extremely pleased with the first rate quality of story, acting, filming and especially the sensitive and convincing portrayal of the many miraculous events.

Believers will be inspired and non believers will be left wondering --"how could this not be an experience to give one reason to seriously consider that there is more to life than just what we see." We have some good friends who lived in Cokeville at the time of the explosion, and they have told us of the appearance of angels and deceased family members to the children. They said that the movie is an accurate representation of the events of that experience. Their son even said that he was told by an unseen voice three times to move over by the window. When the blast occurred he found himself outside the room not knowing how he got there.

Skeptics should simply see this film with an open mind. Perhaps they will be inspired and touched by this beautiful depiction of a true story as we were.

4 years ago

A Powerful and Inspiring True Story

10/10 I have seen this movie several times in theaters and love it more each time. Never before have I been to a movie where the entire audience sits reverently through the entire credits. The message and feeling from this film is that strong. Everyone should see this film! It is such a powerful and inspiring true story! The cinematography and special effects are awesome. The acting is on point - Nathan Stevens gives a great performance as the mad man David Young and even the child actors did a great job. T.C. Christensen did an amazing job of telling this story; it's his best film yet. After having researched more on the subject, I've found that the movie is incredibly accurate. I will definitely be adding this film to my DVD library once it's released. It's cool to see a small independent film do such an amazing job creating something meaningful and powerful. Each time I've seen it, I can't stop thinking about it.

4 years ago