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Stomp the Yard 2: Homecoming

Stomp the Yard 2: Homecoming

Genders: Drama, Music

Director: Rob Hardy

Writer: Albert Leon, Meena Payne

Actors: Keith David, Columbus Short, Tika Sumpter, Jasmine Guy

Year: 2011
Run time: N/A
IMDB score: 3.6
Updated: one year ago

Movie infomation

Movie name: Stomp the Yard 2: Homecoming

Genders: Drama, Music

Imdb Score: 3.6

Runtime: N/A

Released: 25 Jan 2011

Director: Rob Hardy

Writer: Albert Leon, Meena Payne

Actors: Keith David, Columbus Short, Tika Sumpter, Jasmine Guy

Company: SPE Acquisitions

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Watch when bored, maybe not, you might fall to sleep.

3/10 Let's start with the choreography. Terrible, the main character seems to put so much effort into facial expressions and hand gestures that he forgot that he was suppose to be dancing/stepping. The entire cast had a hard time keeping up with the original cast, which made me continue to want to turn off the movie.

Seeing how I wanted to give the film a chance, it just didn't work. Sometimes, films should just say with the original and leave sequels for better script writing.

I guess adding a cameo in the film was suppose to make the film better, but their 5 minute appearance did not help anything.

If you want to pass an hour ½ give it a go, but don't expect anything as good as the first.

one year ago

Wayyyyy Below my Expectations

5/10 OK... First hearing about the sequel I was pretty much excited being that I enjoyed the first one especially the cast. But boy was I let down. The dancing and the stepping was horrible; it feels like they didn't even try to surpass the moves they did in the first film; if anything it fell way too short. The cast on the other hand; mixed reviews on that one (some could act and some couldn't). The storyline was pretty much generic and boring. The movie is 1hr and 27mins but at some points felt longer due to its slow pace and not being as entertaining. However I gave the movie 5/10 because although it didn't meet my expectations I would not say its the worse movie every made besides I added an extra star because the scenes Columbus Short was in put a smile on my face (THETA WHAT?).

*Don't be discouraged by my review; its all subjective. You just may like it; it just did not exceed my expectations.

one year ago

It could be better...

6/10 I can't believe that I am the first one here to review this tittle.Fist of all I expected much more from this movie.First part was really great but this one is boring.Plot is melodramatic and cliched,story is very predictable.But this is a dance movie and these things are not so important for this type of movie...what is really important is dancing and dancing here is lame,uninteresting.You won't see some crazy moves,if you want to see something like that then watch Step Up 3D.Acting here is average,whole atmosphere in this movie is really dark ,there isn't any fun.And what to say about soundtrack ...It has some really cool songs but this movie needs more than few cool songs.I am little disappointed but if you liked Stomp the Yard then Stomp the Yard 2: Homecoming is not as bad as rating says.Just watch it...

one year ago

Eurgh...bad movie.

3/10 Stomp The Yard was a great standalone film, and never really needed a sequel. Sometimes sequels work, sometimes they don't. Unfortunately, STY2: Homecoming is the latter.

STY2 was made on the cheap and it's really obvious. The characters are lacklustre, the acting is awful, the visual quality is poor and everything just seems very unfinished. It's not polished, slick or funny like the original. It's dark, jerky and hard to follow. If you are a huge fan of the original, i'd recommend watching it purely for Columbus Short's monologue later in the movie. He's the only saving grace in this car crash, and the sole reason for a 3 star review.

This movie is cheap, nasty and super disappointing. Give it a miss and watch the original instead.

one year ago

HATED the movie. Didn't finish.

1/10 I loved the original Stomp the Yard, even though I disagreed with a few things in it.

I hated this movie so much that I walked out of it (even if walking out only meant leaving the living room) partway through.

WHY take a movie about stepping and turn it into a movie about senseless violence??? Plus, this movie doesn't have the eye-candy characters as did the first one.

The movie should have been light-hearted and shown more STEPPING. I'm super frustrated that so many movies about one thing just HAVE to throw in a bunch of violence.

On top of that, the main character does not draw you in. I do not feel any sympathy for him at all, as he his predicaments are all due to his own actions and choices.

The best thing about the movie was seeing tWitch, as I am a huge So You Think You Can Dance fan.

one year ago