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Shark Night 3D

Shark Night 3D

Genders: Thriller, Horror

Director: David R. Ellis

Writer: Will Hayes, Jesse Studenberg

Actors: Sara Paxton, Dustin Milligan, Chris Carmack, Katharine McPhee

Year: 2011
Run time: 1h 30min
IMDB score: 3.9
Updated: 4 years ago

Movie infomation

Movie name: Shark Night 3D

Genders: Thriller, Horror

Imdb Score: 3.9

Runtime: 1h 30min

Released: 02 Sep 2011

Director: David R. Ellis

Writer: Will Hayes, Jesse Studenberg

Actors: Sara Paxton, Dustin Milligan, Chris Carmack, Katharine McPhee

Box Office: $18.9M

Company: Relativity Media


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Not very good!

3/10 This movie was predictable and not worth $7.50! It never even showed the shark actually killing anyone! It showed blood and limbs, but no real action.

Piranha 3D was much better!! In this movie, you could always predict who the bad guy was and exactly what was going to happen next. They never really explained where the sharks came from....left some unanswered questions. Katherine McPhee from American Idol did a pretty good job, though! I didn't see it in 3D, but i honestly don't think it would be any better! I hope they don't make a sequel!! Save your money for the remake of The Thing coming out soon!

5 years ago

A crushing and soulless disappointment

3/10 Seven young and pretty undergraduates head to a secluded lakeside cottage in Louisiana to take a load off and enjoy a wild and crazy weekend away. But things take a turn for the worst when a member of the group is attacked by a shark. Isolated with no cell service and no help in sight, the group quickly realizes they are on their own, but the water around them is not safe.

I wanted Shark Night 3D to be as fun as Piranha 3D was last year. Despite the PG-13 rating, I held onto a desperate hope that it would somehow manage to live up to that level of gleeful insanity and absolutely ridiculous trashiness. I knew deep down it would never be anywhere near comparable, but everything about the film suggested it would be an enjoyable ride.

Sadly, this is not the case.

Instead of getting a ridiculous movie about sharks mauling pretty 20- somethings that embraces the sheer silliness of the very idea, we get a deadly serious, high-concept slasher film that seems to have no concept of what fun is. Sure we get the typical horror movie wise ass quips sprinkled here and there, and some rather intriguing reasoning as to why the attacks are occurring. But in-between these moments, we get stilted dialogue, wooden performances, characters with next to no dimensionality whatsoever, and just about nothing else. Despite it being 2011, the film feels like it belongs to a different era – one where it has not realized how outrageous and frivolous the genre has become. It offers nothing new by way of ideas or story, and somehow thinks an ode to Jaws at the beginning of the film is appropriate. I initially wanted to criticize Shark Night for cribbing from Piranha. But in watching the film, it is obvious they learned absolutely nothing from Alexandre Aja and his crew.

But while the bad story and worse acting are to be expected, what is really disappointing is just how much of a grand tease the whole movie is. The rating may be a contributing factor, but the only thing it seems to cut out is gratuitous nudity. The T and A is still plentiful, and the film is actually surprisingly graphic in some instances. But the majority of deaths, the best part of any slasher film, are merely hinted at. We see characters get pulled underwater, and just when you think we will see their grisly end, the film inexplicably cuts to the next scene. Hell, we do not even get the obligatory shot confirming that a character did indeed die. How do we know they did not manage to fight off the shark and survive to fight another day? And since there are about ten people in the entire cast, most of which meet an untimely end, that is a whole lot of teasing and not a lot of pay off. I can only think of one that is explicitly shown, and even that seemed like it was pushing it based on what happens during the rest of the film. It is all very arbitrary, but it seems like a rather obscene faux pas on the part of the filmmakers.

Remember how comically bad and exaggerated the piranha looked in Piranha 3D? Somehow, the sharks in Shark Night 3D look even worse. There is nothing realistic about them. They look more cartoonish than anything, standing out as not even attempting to look like they belong in any of the scenes. They make memories of the shark from Jaws appear more frighteningly authentic than I thought possible. But this is only when the sharks are swimming around underwater, looking menacing and hungry . When they actually interact with the characters, they look absolutely absurd and preposterous. A shot involving a shark leaping out of the water to attack one of the characters as he zips by on a jet-ski looks even worse than those ludicrously awful effects you may have seen from Shark Attack 3: Megalodon. They may actually qualify for some of the worst effects in the past decade. Surely the special effects team realized they were working on an actual movie with a budget, and not some straight-to-DVD Asylum knockoff. So what could possibly be there excuse for such a terrible job?

I think the only thing I remotely enjoyed was how impressive the underwater shots looked in 3D. They were clearly shot with the format in mind, and look absolutely stunning even with a fake shark in the background. They frequently took me entirely out of the film, as they look like they belong in a significantly better project. The shots are just so tranquil and so beautiful that they may make you forget what an awful movie you are sitting through. With the exception of an over-the- top explosion, this is just about the only thing that sizzles in 3D. There are no other elements that even attempt to take advantage of the format.

When I tell you that Shark Night 3D is one of the worst films of the year, with next to no redeeming qualities, you better believe I am not lying. I was hoping it would be somewhat fun, but instead it was one of the most annoying and agonizing films I have ever put myself through. The film is too serious to be enjoyable, and fails to deliver in almost every respect. The filmmakers and cast should be ashamed of themselves. When the credits rolled, I could not leave the theatre fast enough because I was ashamed to have actually watched it. Apparently there is a rap music video after the credits conclude, featuring the entire cast. Somehow, I still do not think this could make up for the travesty you have to put yourself through to get to it.


(An extended review also appeared on

5 years ago

No so bad it's good here, this is just plain bad.

1/10 My god this movie is horrible, I am quite a fan of shark movies and all that jazz do I looked forward to this new installment in the genre, however I must say that this movie is just ridiculous. For these movies to work I think they need to have some humor thrown in to the mix, films such as Piranha 3d know what they are and play with it but Shark Night just takes itself far too seriously and in the end it's just bad bad bad.

Even Sara Paxton and Chris Zylka, two young actors who I quite enjoy couldn't save this film. The fact that you barely even see any sharks is dumb too, basically all you see us fin and that's it, and the scenes when you do see a shark the special effects are so cheaply done that I felt like I was having a joke played on me, the special effects are not much better than the ones that you see in the SyFy TV movies like Sharktopus, but even those films are better than this garbage.

One scene when a shark literally flies out of the water and attacks a man who is hanging on to a tree is just ridiculous, these people can't be really taking it serious I hope. I strongly urge everyone to save their money and go and rent either The Reef or a SyFy film, anything is better than this. I hope Sara Paxton is able to recover.

5 years ago

Lame and tame.

3/10 I was not expecting something as enjoyable or over the top as last year's Piranha 3D but I was at least expecting some time killing shark attack fun. It seems however that they couldn't even pull that off.

The script is horrific and the plot is ho-hum but more importantly, takes way too long to get going. Every character is dull and hollow and the stale acting doesn't help. But in all honesty this could be forgiven had the film actually delivered on what was expected. There's surprisingly very little in the way of shark carnage. The PG13 rating means death scenes mostly consist of some flailing in red water. Other death scenes are almost completely off-screen. I'm not a gore fanatic but when the film has nothing else going for it, this could have easily saved it to a degree. They don't even capitalize on the 3D. There were a few genuinely creepy moments in the film that actually made me want to cover my eyes (something I haven't wanted to do in over 15 years)but these are so few and far between. I longed for more of these but the film seems to be too interested in silly melodramatic plot. The film also just takes itself way too seriously to the point where it just isn't fun to watch... which is all you'd be wanting going into a 3D horror movie about sharks.

It's a cheap attempt to cash in on the success of 'Piranha 3D' but without the tongue-in-cheek self-awareness or over the top gory thrills, there's very little to recommend in 'Shark Night 3D'. It could have worked as a campy throwback or It could have even worked as a more serious horror movie because I did feel uneasy at times but it really doesn't do either any justice.

5 years ago

Biggest disappointment of the year

5/10 I never wrote a review until now, but "Shark Night 3D" inspired me to do so.

Let me tell you something, up until the third act, the film starts out pretty decent. Like "Piranha 3D", which it tries to be, it opens up with someone getting killed, then opens up to an upbeat tune. It starts out funny, with Sara Paxton, Dustin Milligan, Katherine McPhee (though I liked her better in "The House Bunny"), and Chris Zylka (soon to be seen in "The Amazing Spider-Man" as Flash Thompson) handing in charismatic performances.

The second act comes where the comedy takes a nosedive for the horror to come around. Aside from a nicely acted monologue from Paxton where her character recounts a life-affecting tragedy, director David R. Ellis (who you may remember also directed a similar tongue-in-cheek film, "Snakes on a Plane"), fumbles the ball when trying to jerk out tears. Especially when Malik (Sinqua Walls) explodes into a crying fit about losing his girlfriend (it's not the levels of Tyler Perry's soap opera casserole, but it doesn't register) before going out to fight a shark.

*SPOILER ALERT* But what drove the film right into the ground was the fact that the titular villains - the sharks - were almost background noise to the real villains: a redneck trio (Donal Logue, Joshua Leonard, and Chris Carmack) who use the sharks for their reality show. Believe it or not, this is an original idea, and it could've worked wonders. However, Ellis envisions the bloodthirsty madmen as... well, bloodthirsty madmen. It's done in such a borderline cartoonish way, making them over-the-top, mustache-twirling villains, and Ellis seems to take delight into pushing the envelope of their insane ways, even to a point where the main characters become background noise like the sharks. And hearing why one of the characters went into this profession is another cliched revenge ploy. This concoction takes the joy away from the film, and it becomes bad torture porn.


5 years ago