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Seve the Movie

Seve the Movie

Genders: Drama, Sport

Director: John-Paul Davidson

Writer: Tom Hodgson

Actors: José Luis Gutiérrez, José Navar, Maria Molins, Alvar Gordejuela

Year: 2014
Run time: 124min
IMDB score: 8.1
Updated: 2 years ago

Movie infomation

Movie name: Seve the Movie

Genders: Drama, Sport

Imdb Score: 8.1

Runtime: 124min

Released: 27 Jun 2014

Director: John-Paul Davidson

Writer: Tom Hodgson

Actors: José Luis Gutiérrez, José Navar, Maria Molins, Alvar Gordejuela

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English subtitles Seve the Movie2 years ago
English subtitles Seve the Movie3 years ago
English subtitles Seve the Movie3 years ago
English subtitles Seve the Movie3 years ago


Talent will find a way

7/10 As someone who by and large is totally indifferent to sport, reviewing a film about the life of a golfing legend might not be a highly objective task although I would still do my best.

Ultimately, this film is about talent and that talent will find a way to flourish no matter what the obstacles are.

Seve grew up in a low middle class Spanish household, the son of a farmer. Nothing could be further from his world than golf. Early on in life, he developed an interest that grew with the passing of time to become a full blown passion. That young boy knew he was meant to play golf. Thus, after school and on term time developing his skills as a golfer was the only thing on Seve's mind.

The obstacles were of course plenty. Not doing well in school, pressure from home resulted in everything being against him. That did not diminish his passion by one iota. His determination, caused his parents to come to realise that this youngster had made up his mind about life and gold is his choice.

From then on, his talent was quickly recognised within his home town, then Spain and ended up becoming an internationally acclaimed sporting personality.

Like mentioned earlier, talent will find a way and Seve's found his, illuminating the world of golf.

2 years ago

Seve- the European Arnold Palmer.

9/10 I have just left the cinema blinking my way into the late evening glow of the city lights thinking I would have been disappointed after watching a Senna type biopic. However I came away genuinely moved and entertained by this wonderful movie.

I would challenge anyone who witnesses the tributes made about this truly inspirational man, that it will not bring a slight lump to the throat.

The first hour and a bit does show Seve, the youngest of four brothers, battling to pursue his passion up till the point he plays his local Caddy Championships. This is interlaced with clips of his genius on show. A great deal of the action is well known and been viewed before but there are fascinating interviews around the early 80's when he was struggling to get more money for his art and of course eventually for the benefit of future Tour players.

The young actor playing the 9-16 year Seve really looks and plays the part! The film does gloss over or ignores the difficult parts of his life like his time in the army or his sad divorce and his battles with the US Tour, however in the end the film felt about the right length.

The film got the point across that if you have a talent and you want to be the best you have to sacrifice enormous time and effort to reach those goals. The film shows this in spades, however it should have mentioned the awful pain he was having with his back even from the start of his time on the Tour which eventually shortened his career.

You do not have to love the game to be inspired by this gem and also to feel the genuine emotion from this simple but beautifully shot film.

2 years ago

You do not have to like golf at all to love this film.

9/10 Motor-sport is made for the bio-pic treatment, as we have seen with Senna and Rush - fast cars, glamour, money, the international circuit, and so on. Golf, on the other hand, would not be high on most people's list of sports likely for the big screen bio-pic treatment. It really would need a very special person to keep anyone other than real fans hooked for nearly two hours (especially when most people already know the story).

Fortunately in Seve golf has that story. This really is a tale where fiction could not come close to the reality - the story of a boy from so far the other side of the tracks that there are not even tracks who gets to the top of a sport more associated with money (and appalling fashion sense) than possibly any other by dint of unusual talent, allied to sheer hard work.

Even so it needs a cast that you can believe in - and Seve finds it. Admittedly at the start one wondered a bit about whether this all Spanish-speaking cast would be up to it - especially the young lead - as the initial scene-setting creaked a bit at times, but once things got into their stride the result was impressive.

The young lead playing the junior Seve is particularly impressive. What is remarkable is that you do not have to like golf at all to love this film. not only his golfing style looked like the real thing, but he also can clearly play a bit - well that or there is some pretty impressive trick photography or hours of film of missed shots on the cutting room floor.

And it all builds to a total tear-jerker of a finale, which is impressive as we all know how it will end.

You do not have to like golf (I'm no real fan), think of it as a real life rags-to-riches tale like few others. Go see it.

2 years ago

Magical memoir of an artist on the golf course

8/10 I really liked this film even though it won't be big box-office. But I am biased. I am a fan and I know the region of Spain from which Seve hails, quite well. Most golfers will enjoy this biopic of one of the most charismatic and magical golfers of his generation. Most Spaniards will be proud of their countryman. And anyone who watches it will be moved. It's a nice, triumphant, emotional and ultimately sad story well told, of a poor boy from Northern Spain who was besotted with golf from an early age. His rise to near deity in the world of golf, loved as much for his outlandish shots as for his dogged determination and sportsmanship, his fall from form and ultimately his sad illness which was so hard to witness, give the viewer a roller-coaster of emotions. It was often said that Seve was "only good at recovery shots because he found himself in trouble so often". But the film suggests that he learned his craft with a single 3 iron playing all shots on uneven beaches and farmland - "everywhere can be a golf course, all you need is imagination" is a phrase that Seve lived by, in his youth and which showed through his style of play – imaginative. The film merges archive footage (much of which golfers will have seen already) with a dramatisation of Seve's early years to give a good overview of the life of a giant of the game. The tributes, comment and awe from fellow professionals leave you in no doubt that Seve was the professionals' choice for top dog.

2 years ago

Hard to fault a film that does all it can to show talent change to genius

10/10 I hardly ever give things 10 out of 10, bar Casablanca and Seven, but this film certainly achieves what it sets out to: an enthusiastically-told tribute to what must've been an amazing man. Slightly saccharine flashbacks to his childhood are offset by jaw-dropping footage, interesting interviews and an ending which keeps picking up in emotive punch.

Self-indulgence, however, is never a problem (despite a near two-hour running time) as the flashbacks actually end up serving the documentary footage well (the young Seve is a revelation, albeit in a highly specialised role) while the real Seve and his contemporaries add more gravitas, relevance, humour and pathos to the making of this great sportsman.

Rounded of with a thumping if samey score, this gets top marks for innovation. One or two less for overall enjoyment perhaps, but that's merely the limit of the story's limited confines. Different, dazzling in places, but they make the best of what's available. And no-one should be penalised for that.

2 years ago