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Language: Norwegian - Release: Machete 2010 720p BrRip x264 YIFY

Author: sub

Updated: 4 years ago

Files: 1

Year: 2010
Run time: 1h 45min
IMDB score: 6.7

Movie infomation

Movie name: Machete

Genders: Action, Crime, Thriller

Imdb Score: 6.7

Runtime: 1h 45min

Released: 03 Sep 2010

Director: Ethan Maniquis, Robert Rodriguez

Writer: Robert Rodriguez, Álvaro Rodríguez

Actors: Danny Trejo, Michelle Rodriguez, Robert De Niro, Jessica Alba

Box Office: $26.6M

Company: 20th Century Fox


Imdb Link

00:00:36,828 --> 00:00:39,914
Vi er f�derale politiagenter, ikke martyrer!

00:00:41,248 --> 00:00:43,125
Dette er selvmord!

00:00:43,668 --> 00:00:46,044
Hun er bare et kidnappingsoffer.

00:00:47,255 --> 00:00:49,215
Hva gj�r henne s� spesiell?

00:00:50,425 --> 00:00:53,303
Er det fordi hun kan vitne mot Torrez?

00:00:54,095 --> 00:00:58,641
Han har stengt henne inne et sted.



Machete delivers

8/10 This film is what it says it is. Nothing less. And perhaps a little more.

Most of Machete's critics that have given overall negative reviews, have fallen into a trap of their own devices. Machete is an exploitation film and was advertised as such. By definition, and exploitation film will include excessive violence, gore, nudity, and be high on intentional corny lines while low on plot devices and character development. To give low ratings to Machete because of one's distaste for the genre, would be like saying "The Shinning was awful because I don't like horror."

This is one of Rodriguez best films to date, side by side with Sin City (2005). Machete delivers on all accounts of action, gore, nudity, and corny lines. The plot is simple, but honestly, that's how it should be. The thing that sets this apart from other exploitation films is that the acting is top notch. I personally found that the three main female characters to be the most intriguing and diverse.

Jessica Alba plays the part of an ICE agent struggling with her loyalty to her nation and her people. She slowly begins to question her own logic on if people should follow law simply because they are laws. We see this struggle immediately, when she approaches a taco stand (apparently once every week) to by a coffee and lunch, despite her own people feeling from her site. Why does she continue this ritual? She says it is to check the papers of the character Luz, but really it is to try and hold onto a sliver of identity among her people.

Michelle Rodriguez plays said Luz (aka She) as an underground leader of illegal immigration. The character of Luz is a simple woman who believes in not bending to the broken system, but fighting for her people (the mirror image of Alba). "She" is only a myth on which Luz has built a cult following, understanding that sometimes being a myth can do more damage than flesh and blood. By the end of the film, Luz is reborn as the mythical She, just in time for the bloody battle.

Finally, the actress that surprised me the most was Lindsay Lohan. Despite only receiving 10-15 minutes of screen time (most are which she is undressed), she plays her character perfectly and flawlessly. The role seems to be written specifically for her and I applaud her for stepping up and taking on such a mature role. One of her first scenes is a tongue-in-cheek conversation about how she needs to give the people of the internet what they want, and that is more of her. Lohan played the part beautifully (in all aspects) and specks of talent are clearly visible. I hope that filmmakers and audiences (as well as herself) continue to allow her opportunities to showcase that talent.

Machete is an exploitation film at its finest. And, for the most part, if you are the type of cinema attendee who wants to see a movie called Machete in the first place, chances are you will be thoroughly entertained.

4 years ago

Mexploitation and Entertainment at Its Best

10/10 MACHETE, a Robert Rodriguez film, starring Danny Trejo, Jessica Alba,
Michelle Rodriguez, Jeff Fahey, Robert DeNiro, Steven Seagal, Lindsay
Lohan, Tom Savini, Cheech Marin, and Don Johnson . Soak that in for a

The story for Machete, as outlandish as it is, goes something like
this: He looked like just another day laborer from the hood, and the
perfect scapegoat for a corrupt political assassination. But he turned
out to be MACHETE, a legendary ex-Federale with a deadly attitude and
the skills to match. Left for dead after attempting to go against the
notorious Mexican drug kingpin Torrez, Steven Seagal, Machete has
escaped to Texas. But what he finds is a web of corruption and betrayal
that leaves a bullet in a senator, Robert DeNiro, and Machete a wanted
man. Machete sets out to clear his name and expose this conspiracy, but
he does it . The MACHETE way. What ensues is a wildly creative tale of
carnage, vengeance, and a Mexican Revolution. You might have been
familiar with this film since 2007, since a fake trailer for Machete
was shown in the ambitious double feature event Grindhouse that is now
regarded as legendary trailer . Well, now you have your entire film

Danny Trejo is finally getting his due here. Always the most bad-ass in
his film appearances, he's never had much of a leading role, except for
now. He is fantastic as Machete, and at the current age of 66, the
action he does is pretty phenomenal. Machete is the type of character
that always gets the one-up on the bad guys and the love of the ladies,
and you can just sense that Trejo is loving every moment of it.
Luckily, so are we.

Machete is a film chock-full of truly schmaltzy performances from every
member of the cast. The big difference here is that the schmaltz is
intentional. The villains of this movie are so appropriately evil and
murderous, with a samurai sword wielding Steven Seagal, in his first
villainous role, simply stealing the show as Torrez. Yes, I just said
that Steven Seagal stole the show over a hilarious politically
incorrect politician Robert DeNiro, a sleazy rogue businessman Jeff
Fahey, and a sinister Mexican shooting Don Johnson. You really want to
see these foes get what they deserve. Bonus points if you spot Quentin
Tarantino in a blink and you miss it cameo! With these villains, and
their humorous henchmen, Machete also has his own connections and
compadres. Jessica Alba is, believe it or not, the main love interest
to Machete and some of her deliveries are so cringe-inducing, it's
squirm-worthy. Yet, she's alright! There's also Michelle Rodriguez as
Luz, a rather attractive taco truck lady who may have a secret identity
as a Mexican patriot who plays it just fine. But it's Padre, Machete's
brother, played by Cheech Marin, whose sequences in the film are some
of the very best. He's hysterical and can handle dual shotguns like
nobody else. And yes, Lindsay Lohan is in this and she's not half-bad
for the little things she has to do. When she's not nude, she's dressed
up as a pretty nifty revolver packing nun, but she doesn't pack that
much of a punch.

Machete is a film that embodies all of the facets a 1970s
blaxploitation film would have, but with the Hispanic culture. This is
Mexploitation, with a resonant grindhouse feeling, complete with film
reel scratches and fake political ads. But the violence and action in
this is so extraordinary and unapologetically gruesome, with the
extremity of it all not being taken seriously at all. The things they
do in this film, guaranteed you haven't seen most of them ever done
before. Corkscrews, high-heels, weed-whackers, and, of course,
machetes, are only a very small listing of all the tools and weapons
used to dispatch characters in Machete. It's over the top, absolutely
ridiculous scenes that pop up every five minutes and make for a joyous
film experience. There are too many be-headings, blood-splattering
gunshots, and limb removals to count . Don't even get me started on the
stabbings. To add the cherry on top, Machete is shot perfectly,
fluidly, and inventively.

Machete is completely, for lack of a better term, over the top, has a
fitting heavy and groovy soundtrack, and never holds back on the gore.
The dialogue is hokey and full of Mexican puns, but it knows this.
Machete loves to poke fun at itself and its ridiculous concepts, with
characters questioning certain events in the movie, realizations that
everything is insane, and an awesome B-movie touch that graces the
opening of the end credits. Machete is Robert Rodriguez's most
enjoyable and best film to date. It's so fun, so amazing, and actually
provides a sort of a social political message, now with racial
profiling and immigration being a controversial Americana topic. It's
why Machete is such a great film for the times, and will be looked upon
as one of the culturally relevant films of the last couple years I'm
as shocked as you are.

Machete is the best action film of 2010 and is certainly one of the
best of the year. It's fantastic entertainment that I oh so highly
recommend you watch. Machete es...... Yes, excelente.

4 years ago

Why is this not billed as a comedy?

8/10 When I saw the trailer for this film I thought it had to be trash but I laughed almost from the beginning to the end. Tongue in cheek humour - it's all intentional, there is nothing unfunny about Machete.

I was ready for a lot of gore but it was all done in such a hilarious way that I hardly noticed how disgusting it was. I fact, I was still laughing 5 minutes after I left the cinema.

If he wasn't already so old I would say Danny Trejo was an undiscovered talent set for a meteoric rise, but the guy is already 64. I never could have guessed as the adrenaline and action pumped incessantly.... and hysterically this weather-beaten old dude also managed effortlessly to bed any chiquita he came across, and in style too.

Machete kills and maims and has sex all the way through the movie, but amazingly he is also a gentleman. you have to love him.

The best movie I have seen this year and the best movie of this genre for some time. Top marks for not taking itself one bit seriously but knowing exactly how to entertain!

4 years ago

Corny, Violent, Cheap, And AWESOME!

9/10 I caught a screening of this film not too long ago, and all I have to say is that it was an adrenaline rush! The violence was overwhelming, and the writing was cornily witty. Pretty good performances all around from Alba, Trejo, DeNiro, Seagal, Lohan and many a more. Great entertainment, perfect to sit down with some buddies on a Saturday night and have a good laugh.

No doubt in my mind this will do well in the box office, and well, not so well with the critics. But forget what the critics say this is a great flick, and a damn fun one too!

Plot: After being betrayed by the organization who hired him, an ex-Federale launches a brutal rampage of revenge against his former boss.


4 years ago

Are you kidding me? This movie SUCKS

3/10 I have a question for a lot of the positive reviewers on here: Did you REALLY like this movie, or are you just gushing out of respect for Rodriguez??? I'm a Rodriguez fan too, in case you didn't know. Tarantino and Rodriguez are the kings of b-movies. They know how to make a good b-movie and their extensive filmography has shown. With Tarantino you have Kill Bill, Jackie Brown and Inglourious Basterds, with Rodiriguez you have Planet Terror, From Dusk Till Dawn and the king of all things "Visually gorgeous", Sin City. What I love about both of them is that while their films are indeed exercises in Style Over Substance, they're aware of it and don't take themselves too seriously.

I still stand by Grindhouse as the most fun I've had at the theatre. Two great movies from two fantastic directors with some hilarious fake trailers thrown in there for the price of one. After "Hobo With A Shotgun", "Machete" showed. I laughed so hard! And then the news broke that Machete was going to be a full movie. I was excited.

Turns out, some fake trailers should just stay fake trailers.

As I mentioned earlier, Rodriguez's films are Style Over Substance. But they are aware of it, and don't take themselves too seriously, and for that, come off as awesome. Was this movie Style Over Substance? Yes. Did it follow its "Don't take yourself too seriously" rule? Well, it did... for the first 20 minutes.

I was liking the first 20 minutes. Even as a gore hound, I was wondering if I should be eating during that scene! Then of course, we get the awesome betrayal scene and the hospital scene... I especially loved when Machete cut the man's abdomen open and used his intestine as a rope to escape through a window. I laughed!!! Then it went downhill from there.

First off, Jessica Alba was annoying. Take her out of the movie and it wouldn't be different. All she does is just run around and scream the plot out loud. The most cringe worthy scene was near the end when she got up on the bonnet of the car and made that speech. That brought back memories of "Robin Hood" of earlier this year (you know what scene I'm talking about). Second, this film has too much plot in it, and too many characters. For a movie that's supposed to be a b-flick, this movie shouldn't be about political mumbo jumbo.

The characters are a big letdown here. Or at least the representation of characters. Let's begin. "She" is a great character. About halfway through the film she is killed off... then near the end she survived!!! Or the Priest. He is a likable character too. Then he gets killed off 5 minutes after his first appearance. Or what about Daryl Sabara's character? He's a funny guy and he has (what feels like) 30 seconds of screen time... and yet he's one of the main actors in the opening credits!!! Bigger yet, what about the villain? WHO'S THE VILLAIN? Is it Segal, who has a total of 6 minutes of screen time, De Niro, or Fahey, who easily out of the three supposed villains gets the most screen time... except he dies 10 MINUTES BEFORE THE CLIMAX. Or Lindsay Lohan... why is she even in there, other than the fact that she's Fahey's character's daughter??? The climax is a total anticlimax. There's no excitement in the battle at all, it's incredibly dull and boring. Even the iconic bit shown in the trailer with the bike was underwhelming. And Segal's character's death even felt copped out and lazy.

By the time the film was done, I was so glad I was out of the theatre. The film bored me enough with its slow pace. For a movie that claims to be an ultra gory action b-flick, there's about 10 minutes of action, 90 minutes of boring dialogue. This is supposed to be a b-movie, not some political crap. I like slow paced films, but not when they're supposed to be fun b-movies.

Sorry, Mr. Rodriguez, but I think your days are numbered!

4 years ago