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Genders: Comedy, Crime, Drama, Action

Director: Michael Corrente

Writer: Peter Facinelli, Peter Facinelli

Actors: Peter Facinelli, Jaimie Alexander, Michael Madsen, Vincent Gallo

Year: 2012
Run time: 1h 29min
IMDB score: 6
Updated: 3 years ago

Movie infomation

Movie name: Loosies

Genders: Comedy, Crime, Drama, Action

Imdb Score: 6

Runtime: 1h 29min

Released: 11 Jan 2012

Director: Michael Corrente

Writer: Peter Facinelli, Peter Facinelli

Actors: Peter Facinelli, Jaimie Alexander, Michael Madsen, Vincent Gallo

Box Office: $3.3k

Company: IFC Films


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Surprisingly good

7/10 The first thing I noticed was the unique look of the Canon 5D camera. Expectedly there are some really nice cinematographic moments which are only possible with this camera setup.

The story gradually drags you in, and the photogenic actors and performances help a lot. It is not the typical "seen it all" Jennifer-Aniston kinda-romance type story and cliche, but rather a sexy written "bad-boy/good-girl got knocked up in a one night stand" kinda story.

The dialog is sexy and well written.

Most importantly the runtime is manageable.

Anyone who is sick of romance-movies in general, especially the usual, Cliche-spiced stew, should still check this movie out. Definitely above average.

Rating: 6 + 1 star for the camera setup and the cinematography. Looks beautiful. (Although the movie definitely doesn't set a benchmark for next-generation cameras)

4 years ago

Great Movie

10/10 Brilliant Story, excellently written and executed. I like this genre anyway and feel that this film is up there with the best of its kind. I am a huge fan of Peter Facinelli and follow all his work, so I was naturally looking forward to seeing this film and I was not disappointed. The characters are all very believable, the story is original, and the ending was really satisfying. The acting was very good, helped by a great cast. I really enjoyed the relationship between Bobby (Peter Facinelli) and his Mum (Marianne Leone) it felt very natural and believable. The story between Bobby and Lucy (Jaimie Alexander) felt destined and I enjoyed the development of the relationship. I would highly recommend this film and look out for more of Peters work in the future. Already looking forward to watching it again.

4 years ago

Wow, what a great movie!!!!

9/10 this is the first time when michael madsen, the great B-movie icon, in a movie that turned out to be great! now i know, as long as he's the supporting actor instead the main one, then there's great possibility that specific movie might have turned out GREAT! and this film is exactly proved what i figured out just now. all the ingredients of being a great movie are well prepared and mixed together seamlessly: the screenplay, the scenario, the storyline, the acting, the directing, the editing, the sound track....i mean, everything, wow! this is a gem might be overlooked by lot of people.

never thought that i could have such wonderful time to completely enjoy the performances of all the actors. the well crafted screenplay with very logic and natural dialog have undoubtedly allowed the actors to perform so smoothly natural and cute. i like almost all the characters appeared in this film, including michael madsen's cop role, an innocent, senseless detective who had his pocket been picked and lost his badge. what a great performance of those two young actors! almost perfect!!

i just felt very happy as the movie ended. this is how only good and great movies could affect viewers.

4 years ago

great romance movie

10/10 Just watched this movie and felt obligated to let the world know how great it is...

it's not your normal cliched movie about romance...

the script was great.

The acting was totally believable and boy! those actors are HOT. Though I have to admit, as someone who has watched Twilight, I was a bit iffy seeing 'Carlise' be NOT Carlise...but surprisingly, the actor played Bobby really well - maybe even better than he played Carlise (but then again, Carlisle never had much to say/do in the movie adaptations)..the girl actress was really pretty and a great actress...

Overall - really impressed with this movie. I sort of never wanted it to end.

Check it out! You wont be disappointed.

4 years ago


7/10 -- --

LOOSIES is surprisingly entertaining, I emphasize 'surprisingly' because the trailer didn't look appealing, there's nothing too creative about the direction or the performances either and the plot is pretty simple but overall it's a cute little rom-com written by Peter Facinelli who many of you Twi-hards recognize as Dr. Carlisle Cullen from The Twilight Saga franchise

Who knew that Facinelli had it in him, this is after all his feature screen writing debut. I'm a big fan of his role in the series Nurse Jackie, I think he's got excellent comic timing. I've met Facinelli in person and I could tell that he's got more to offer than just being easy on the eyes and LOOSIES is not a bad start. In this film, he stars as a young pickpocket without a purpose, suddenly facing a dilemma that he couldn't see coming a mile away. The ever so cute Jaimie Alexander, who kicked ass as Sif in Thor, plays Lucy the girl whom with Facinelli's character, Bobby, had a one night stand. All of a sudden, Bobby's life gets even more complicated, way more than he'd like it to be. And the only person Bobby often turns to for advice is the same person who forces him to pickpocket day in and day out, it's a messed up friendship that has its expiration date. LOOSIES got a bit of gangster situation, it's got a bit of incompetent short-tempered cop situation, it's got a bit of a con man hilarity, the dialogue and the plot are very formulaic but the film is so not that heavy, you wouldn't mind the fact that the film hides in it being decent, no more no less. It's fun to see some of yesterday's big shots like Michael Madsen, William Forsythe, and Joe Pantoliano with something to do. For what it's worth, LOOSIES a well-structured script, I enjoy how Facinelli builds up and plays with the trust and the mistrust between Bobby and Lucy, that it's not easy to see the good in people who do shady things for a living but it's possible. LOOSIES has a straight to DVD quality to it but it's one movie I wouldn't mind watching more than once.

-- www.Ramascreen --

4 years ago