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Little Manhattan

Little Manhattan

Language: Brazilian Portuguese

Author: siqueira

Updated: 4 years ago

Files: 1

Year: 2006
Run time: 1h 24min
IMDB score: 7.5

Movie infomation

Movie name: Little Manhattan

Genders: Family, Romance, Comedy

Imdb Score: 7.5

Runtime: 1h 24min

Released: 05 Jan 2006

Director: Mark Levin

Writer: Jennifer Flackett

Actors: Josh Hutcherson, Charlie Ray, Bradley Whitford, Cynthia Nixon

Box Office: $0.4M

Company: 20th Century Fox


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00:00:49,993 --> 00:00:52,393
Para os menos
experientes do que eu...

00:00:52,829 --> 00:00:55,457
vou contar algo sobre garotas.

00:00:56,032 --> 00:00:57,932
S�o repugnantes.

00:00:58,101 --> 00:01:01,559
Isso � mais ou menos b�sico,
do meu ponto de vista.

00:01:01,738 --> 00:01:05,936
Era costume, antigamente,
talvez na primeira ou segunda s�rie...