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Little Fockers

Little Fockers

Genders: Comedy

Director: Paul Weitz

Writer: John Hamburg, Larry Stuckey

Actors: Ben Stiller, Teri Polo, Robert De Niro, Owen Wilson

Year: 2010
Run time: 1h 38min
IMDB score: 5.3
Updated: 5 years ago

Movie infomation

Movie name: Little Fockers

Genders: Comedy

Imdb Score: 5.3

Runtime: 1h 38min

Released: 22 Dec 2010

Director: Paul Weitz

Writer: John Hamburg, Larry Stuckey

Actors: Ben Stiller, Teri Polo, Robert De Niro, Owen Wilson

Box Office: $148.4M

Company: Universal Pictures


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Focking awful

1/10 What a jolly jape making another movie with Focker in the title because, hilarity upon hilarity, Focker sounds like something rude so we must laugh. Except we don't really as this series of films has dredged the barrel bottom clean for a second unfunny sequel to complement something that was not that funny first time round. The gangs all here again to perform a series of unfunny sketches unfunnily and leave the audience paralysed with laughter. Well paralysed at least if they don't get up and do something more interesting like repoint their sewage system. Robert DeNiro used to be one of the finest actors ever to hit the screen and that's all you need to know about this pile of putrid puss. As long as people troop in and titter at the Benny Hill style double entendre of people called Focker then there will be no doubt be a fourth probably called 'something something mother Focker something' which will send us apoplectic with mirth.......or not most likely. The silliest Fockers of all have to be the audience for this tripe. Luckily I saw it for free and I thought I was robbed. They may not make films like they used to but they still churn out utter garbage like this year in year out so prepare for more Focking Fockers in the near future. Makes you Focking weep!

5 years ago

What a FOCKED up excuse for a movie!

5/10 This was one of the movies that I was most looking forward to seeing this year and it turned out to be the WORST movie I have seen all year! What were DeNiro and Stiller thinking? Let me rephrase, what was ANYONE thinking who had anything to do with the making of this wretched bag of dreck posing as movie. Back in 2000, Meet The Parents was looked upon as one of the funniest movies ever. I remember that the editorial page of my hometown newspaper even praised it. Here, they have just disgraced themselves. Apparently the movie makers thought it cute to show a little child being injured and someone slashing themselves cutting the turkey. Oh and also, the scene where DeNiro takes that Viagra drug and it shows him with a huge bulge in his....oh never mind. I want to tell the screenwriters that bad taste does not equal funny. DeNiro has earned his place as one of our greatest actors and he should have known better agreeing to this. He merely embarrasses himself as everyone else who made the film did. They should hang their heads in shame.

5 years ago

It just wasn't funny...

3/10 Okay so you know the premise with these types of films, you've got your father in-law and your son in-law arguing while the rest of their family watch them get into zany situations. Being such a used formula, you can guess what's going to happen, this isn't a problem with comedies as their jokes are what hold them up, right?

My main problem with the film is that there were no jokes, the entire audience was silent, the only laughter I heard was from some teenage girls laughing at a scene involving a needle and someone's penis. I wouldn't have minded puns, or cheesy jokes, or embarrassing situations, but the film was just like a drama that wasn't very dramatic.

I felt like the film didn't know what it wanted to be, the title "Little Fockers" implies that the children are the main focus, but the two children are barely in the film and when they were, they were just a bit annoying. The film is definitely not a family film, it's heavily sexually based, I wouldn't advise taking your children to see this, but then adults won't find the humour very funny.

The acting wasn't bad to be perfectly honest, the line up is good and I felt that the characters were believable. As for messages? The film carries some messages about family loyalties and priorities, but doesn't every film like this carry that message?

I don't like sounding too negative, but the bottom line is that I didn't enjoy this film, simple as that. If you like these kinds of films then I would suggest renting it some time, it's not as bad as I may have made it sound, but it's still pretty bad in my opinion. I hope this review helped you, and maybe saved you some money.

5 years ago

The same tired old jokes and cliché miscommunication story lines

3/10 Quality comedies -- if they go beyond one sequel -- never come in
threes. In the case of "Little Fockers," three's a Focking mess. But we
asked for it; "Meet the Fockers" ranks as the highest-grossing
live-action comedy in the U.S., so regardless of quality, we were going
to get whatever studios served us. And sure enough, "Little Fockers"
cooks up tired modern gags, basically forgetting that the last decade
of comedy (including its two predecessors) ever existed and that we
could be won over by open mentions of sex (ooh!) and recycled dick drug

It's several years later and Greg and Pam Focker (Ben Stiller and Teri
Polo) live in Chicago with their twins, Henry and Samantha. Grandpa
Jack Byrnes (De Niro) has grown concerned over the Byrnes family legacy
as he's been having some heart issues lately and his first son-in- law,
Dr. Bob, has failed him after having an affair and getting a divorce.
As such, before he and wife Dina (Blythe Danner) arrive for the twins'
birthday, he tells Greg that he's ready to pass the torch to Greg,
who's eager but still scared about winning Jack's full approval and
becoming "The Godfocker."

The film focuses on Jack and Greg again, as expected, so among other
faults, the title "Little Fockers" is misleading. The kids are hardly
in the picture expect for cheap jokes and they're neither cute nor
talented. In a family dinner scene where Greg (with "Godfather" music
in the background) commands that Henry eat his lasagna, Henry succumbs
but then spews vomit all over his father. Whenever the film seems to
breeze about with a bit more of a sense of humor, a tasteless joke
shoots in that prompts us to do the same.

Contrivances and predictable story lines litter "Fockers" and damper
the occasional moments of humor. The familiarity we have with Greg and
Jack helps create that humor and some clever jokes actually do exist,
but the script leans on typical "misunderstanding" plot devices, most
of which were ironically used most effectively in "Meet the Parents"
and "Meet the Fockers." The whole idea of "if they worked once they'll
work again" does not apply. The "twists" of this film are set up so
conspicuously that as they unfold, it's like you know what happens
because you've seen it before. And you likely have, because there was
probably something similar in it from a previous "Focker" film.

Outside of Jack spying on Greg, who tries to keep it a secret that he's
trying to make extra cash by pushing a new erectile dysfunction drug
for a gorgeous drug rep (Jessica Alba), all the side characters and
plots are garbage. Owen Wilson returns as Kevin and the running joke
other than him being some rich worldly hippie is that he's in love with
Pam, which never amounts to anything. Alba over-ditzifies her part,
which should have been played by a nameless attractive woman, proving
she has no idea how to shake her type.

Even Bernie and Roz Focker (Hoffman and Streisand) are out of place,
squeezed in to appease the audience who expects them to show up. It's
actually unfortunate, because neither of them totally overdo their part
or annoy us with the fact that despite the same thing happening for the
third film in a row now, no one's learned their lesson. Greg actually
catches Jack spying on him on the train and after eight years of
knowing each other, Greg doesn't confront him. Sure this was for the
sake of keeping the tension up, but at some point you can't keep
milking the same goat, or cow, or cat. Yes, Jinxie returns, also with a
convenient line of dialogue from Wilson who says "I had her brought in
town for you when I heard about your heart," just to set up another pet
mischief joke that's completely out of place at the end of the film.

Basically, we're Focking tired. "Little Fockers" is simply another
example of a movie concept that's run its course and should have never
gone beyond two films and only did because of the money. In a sense,
there should be no surprises here. Then again, attempted jokes such as
young Henry randomly asking if girls poop from their vaginas at the
dinner table, could have been replaced with something more thoughtful
-- and tasteful.

~Steven C

5 years ago

It really is that bad....!

1/10 So the third film in the hugely successful franchise as been thrust upon on us, but it is far from a welcome addition to the family.

The main reason is it's just devoid of any originality whatsoever and is just complete recycling job of excellent first two outings and one where you can only use the father-son-in-law 'interrogation' theme for so long before it wears incredibly thin. Even the title 'Little Fockers' would have been a good indicator that the main objective and jokes would have centred around the kids but the truth is they have very little screen time in the film.

When screen legends of Robert DeNiro, Harvey Keitel and Dustin Hoffman received the script they must have been thinking "not much to do here, except just pickup an easy pay cheque".

The film also introduces a new character in the way of Andi Garcia (Jessica Alba) all I can say it's the most annoying character forced upon us since Jar Jar Binks in the 'Phantom Menace'

The only plus point to come out of the film is during it' end credits where there is a hilarious re-mix video. Apologies if this review sounds over the top but this film really is that bad and is the reason why I am giving my first ever 1* rating

5 years ago