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Jamesy Boy

Jamesy Boy

Language: English

Author: Asiank

Updated: 4 years ago

Files: 1

Year: 2014
Run time: 109min
IMDB score: 5.7

Movie infomation

Movie name: Jamesy Boy

Genders: Crime, Drama, Family

Imdb Score: 5.7

Runtime: 109min

Released: 03 Jan 2014

Director: Trevor White

Writer: Lane Shadgett (screenplay), Trevor White (screenpl

Actors: Taissa Farmiga, Mary-Louise Parker, James Woods, Ving Rhames

Company: Xlrator Media

Imdb Link

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An urban tell of a kid who took the wrong path for a long time, then decides to get his life together.

6/10 Whenever a film is based on a true story there are a few guarantees. The first being the story will likely be long so the writers can embellish where they need to, and the second guarantee is that for every interesting moment in the film, you are guaranteed at least 10-20 minutes of boredom. Jamesy Boy is no different, but unfortunately while other films make up for those 10-20 minutes by using jokes or drama, Jamesy Boy just gives same old same, same old.

Characters & Story

The focus of the film is James (played by Spencer Lofranco) who is a troubled kid. He gets into fights a lot, usually falls with bad crowds, and he has been in and out of institutions since six years old. Reasons vary, but one time includes pulling a knife on his mom's boyfriend, for reasons not explained. Said mother Tracy (played by Mary-Louise Parker) is seemingly James' last hope and despite it all, she remains in his corner. However, a mother's love sometimes isn't enough, so James goes out into the world and ends up finding Roc (played by Michael Trotter).

This leads to James being Roc's errand boy and him hanging with this girl name Crystal (played by Rosa Salazar) who is somewhat the village bicycle, but James' main squeeze. But, as time goes on, and James realizes he can't keep up with the gangster life, he tries to trade in Crystal for Sarah (played by Taissa Farmiga) and maybe try to live a normal life. However, with one last deal asked by Roc, everything goes to hell as Crystal snitches on him and then James ends up in prison.

From there, James meets Guillermo (played by Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas) who is in a rival gang; Chris (played by Ben Rosenfield) who is the new kid on the block; and most importantly Conrad (played by Ving Rhames) who seemingly acts as some type of father figure to James. But, with all that has happened, though we see James get out of prison, and are told before the credits what has happened to the real James, you are left wondering if he will stay on the straight and narrow and prevent himself from being a statistic, or lead the life expected?


When it comes to the film, certain scenes and elements are worth praising and act as a silver lining to the overall production. For example, it is nice to see the two Middleton co-stars Farmiga and Lofranco back together and have a little bit of romance. Also, though not always, Lofranco does well in some scenes and does show why he was casted as the lead in the film.


However, most of the film feels like a drain on your time in which you could find something better to do. And this is not said to take anything away from the real James or those who participated in the movie, but between them jumping from before James was locked up, to him when he was; watching him as an errand boy, which may include guns and drugs, but plays out so familiar that even those moments don't wake you up; and then with most of the performances not drawing you into the story nor characters, I do feel that while the story perhaps would be interesting if told by the source, the movie portrays that story with one too many flaws to really get into it.

Overall: Skip It

Though it was good to learn at the end of the movie James is doing well in his life, this to me would have been better as a documentary than as a dramatic film. For though you can see effort from the actors, there is something missing that keeps the film from having a heart and feeling like it is alive. Hence why I say to skip it. Though usually I would say something is worth watching on TV, there comes a point where a film maybe worth nothing more than experience for the cast and production crew, and background noise for the viewer. Which, sadly, is what I see Jamesy Boy as.

3 years ago

Better then the best part of youth gone wrong stories

7/10 One thing look at the cast. Any film starring or co-starring James Woods deserves some attention.

Cast and crew all do their part to make this a really well told story and of cause it is going through some formula depiction of crime does not pay.

But I was well entertained through the entire length of the film.

For a movie with this plot everything when right and for a defined budget you get exactly what the media can materialize.

Well done and good job. Recommended for a lazy Sunday afternoon. But do kkep in mind this will not shift any opinions either way.

3 years ago

Never really feels as good as it should be, and leaves you a bit empty.

7/10 One of those life in a bottle, kid goes to jail and learns to be a real man movies. This one is based on a real guy, and sometimes seems very real, but other times it seems more like an amalgam of stereotypes, and prison horrors. This is a good movie, most of the time, just not when it really should be. I felt at times that there was just way to much time spent getting the dramatic shot, that the story, and the characters suffered. Which would not have been so bad if these dramatic shots didn't appear to be in a lower grade of film. I Enjoyed the movie as it was presented over all, there is a nice transition of the life in side, and the life outside beginning, and ending in parallel with each other, however the movie's film quality is a lot lower than it should be, it feels like art house film, but with great acting. So I do recommend this movie, it just isn't much more than a Hallmark movie of the week level of overall that you end up with though.

3 years ago

Jamesy Boy

9/10 I give this movie a 9 out of 10 because this movie delivers!! Well at least for me it did! It kept me on the edge of my seat, not literally but it kept me guessing. Jamesy Boy in my opinion is considered to be a "real movie" involving sex, drugs, and money, it goes to the streets, and shows you what the life of drug dealers is, not only does it show you but this movie isn't biased. It has the good and the bad about the drug deals. The money, it shows how you can make a lot of movie but also lose it because "dirty money" isn't good money but as they say not all "dirty money" is bad. Then you have the sex which in this case the sex is just sex to these people, but at certain points its not just about the sex it's about love "making love" and all three of these things in one movie makes the movie much more interesting because, unlike all Hollywood movies, this movie shows the good and bad not just the good.

3 years ago

This isn't a perfect movie but I do recommend this & was surprised by how good it was. A lighter version of American History X

8/10 "I don't think I let the people in my life down by making the wrong choices. I think I let them down by convincing myself I never had a choice to begin with." James (Lofranco) has been in and out of correction facilities his entire life since he was 8. After his latest stunt lands him in prison he looks back over his life and his choices. He sets out to straighten out his life, but it's not as easy as he was hoping. I knew nothing about this story going in. Once again though the fact that this is a true story made me more excited about it going in. While not nearly as powerful the movie did remind me a little of American History X in the the way that a person can live his life one way without apologizing but when removed from that life he realizes the error in his ways and tries everything he can to change. There are some pretty big names in this movie but the kid that plays James is a perfect choice and really carries as well as outshines everyone else. While this is in no way a perfect movie I do recommend this and was surprised by how good it was. Overall, a lighter version of American History X that I recommend. The fact that this was a true story helped as well. I give this an A-.

3 years ago