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Language: English

Author: sopdozim

Updated: 4 years ago

Files: 1

Year: 2015
Run time: 110min
IMDB score: 5.4

Movie infomation

Movie name: Infini

Genders: Sci-Fi, Horror, Thriller

Imdb Score: 5.4

Runtime: 110min

Released: 08 May 2015

Director: Shane Abbess

Writer: Shane Abbess, Shane Abbess (screenplay), Brian Cac

Actors: Daniel MacPherson, Grace Huang, Luke Hemsworth, Bren Foster

Company: Vertical Entertainment


Imdb Link

00:01:34,700 --> 00:01:37,600
Step forward, please.
Sir, take your eye line to me.

00:01:37,610 --> 00:01:39,376
What is your name?
Lieutenant Philipa Boxen.

00:01:39,438 --> 00:01:40,404
Look me dead in the eye.

00:01:40,506 --> 00:01:42,473
I'm gonna ask you a
series of questions.

00:01:42,476 --> 00:01:43,441
I'll repeat the question.



Retro Sci Fi Horror

7/10 This film borrows a lot from classic sci fi horror movies, you get some of the tech from alien, a little bit of Event Horizon, and has the claustrophobia of The Thing. For a movie made on such a low budget, its pretty good. Maybe not quite on the level of some of the films I've mentioned but still a lot of fun.

A group of colonial marines like characters start off on a search and rescue mission in a far away outpost. Who's alive? Who's dead? You don't really know at the start, but the movie takes its own twist which will be fun for sci fi fans. Its a little weak in the latter half of the 3rd act, too many repeating scenes. I think some things could've been cut.

Overall, its an enjoyable sci fi horror movie. It knows what it is, the actors play their parts well. And even though it borrows heavily from earlier works it still has a fresh ending. Worth checking out especially because this genre is sadly neglected.

3 years ago

A compartmentalized world, anguish coming from humans.

7/10 Infinity (2015)

A team of soldiers is sent to the "Infini" colony, after it has been the victim of a mysterious catastrophe.

The starting pitch is highly classic: a team is involved in the rescue of survivors, but look, seems like there was a hidden agenda (eg think of Doom). What is interesting here is that the threat comes mainly from humans, madness that infects and makes them act under the impulse of instinct, seeking to kill, to be the sole survivor, as plagued by a wild struggle. However, the final is kind of meh. I found it a bit easy, no twist or surprising revelation and not specifically exploring some left aspects and questions, this leaves thus the door open for potential sequels

The director Shane Abbess therefore explores the evil that strikes the protagonists, taken by schizophrenia. Evil can arise from the heart of each and it is through a series of rapid and delirious montage, accompanied by discontinued voice, dialogues and pictures, we see the characters sink, even our brave Carmichael must fight against his murderous impulses.

To do this, the actors do not hesitate to push their character, changing attitudes, leaving the door open to delirium or conflict. Although they are kind of stereotyped and are note very sensitive enough to create sets or compassion, everyone is different enough to avoid duplicate characters.

I found dared to base the majority of the film on the pitch, but it works. The risk comes from the madness each individual. By cons, many scenes seem stretched or are repeated, the film might gain with a few cuts here and there.

The tension is weld held, with frequent twists, but the director also knows how to build it through sustained montage, fast and dense, seeking discomfort in disagreements and oral arguments. Music is also stressful, strong and well directed.

The decorations are simple, recycling the same corridor from different angles, but the use of contrast and traces of blood, giving a feeling of dirt everywhere, help to give a personality to the station.

A compartmentalized world, anguish coming from humans.


3 years ago

Entertaining Sci Fi

7/10 Overall I think this was a good movie. The acting was convincing, the characters came across naturally and with conviction. It's not a complicated film to understand. You find out what goes on gradually as the characters do and that's a nice touch, keeping you in suspense as you don't quite know what's happening or what comes next. The movie pulls you into its world, the storyline was plausible as far as futuristic sci fi's goes, the characters kept you engaged and you felt for them as they struggled. I would recommend this film if you're a fan of sci fi's, and to those who aren't because it doesn't use silly effects to keep you engaged, it has just the right balance. Fun, entertaining mind twisting thriller.

3 years ago

Way better then 70% of sci fi movies in the last 3 years

8/10 OK so it's not the common type of Hollywood big budged, I agree. Well you might even need to drink 2 or 3 beers to get inside that universe, but if you do it's a damn good movie, it keeps you thinking, the message is simple, yet I can't say I have seen a similar idea so far and I've seen thousands of movies.

Acting is decent, so are the few action scenes, which I have to say they are not many but enough to keep you hooked.

Who knows if it had a budget like Alien or Prometheus it might have been quite a masterpiece. My opinion, give it a try, you might really like it if you are a sci fi fan.

3 years ago

Very Good Sci fi

7/10 WOW don't buy into the rating on this one.

This is very good science fiction. The characters are developed. The settings are first class. The best thing about this movie is the story.

The story is well paced and above average for a science fiction movie.

This isn't a A level title with Tom Cruise or George Clooney, but it's not far off the mark, and it uses the blood and violence to bring home a story that's real and heartfelt.

Real science fiction for real science fiction fans. Easy 7.

A team of elite soldiers travel to a remote outpost that is home to an indigenous life form. If you think you might like this movie it will exceed expectations.

3 years ago