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Genders: Thriller, Drama

Director: Eric Heisserer

Writer: Eric Heisserer

Actors: Genesis Rodriguez, Paul Walker, Nick Gomez, Kesha Bullard

Year: 2013
Run time: 1h 37min
IMDB score: 5.6
Updated: 3 years ago

Movie infomation

Movie name: Hours

Genders: Thriller, Drama

Imdb Score: 5.6

Runtime: 1h 37min

Released: 13 Dec 2013

Director: Eric Heisserer

Writer: Eric Heisserer

Actors: Genesis Rodriguez, Paul Walker, Nick Gomez, Kesha Bullard

Company: The Film Arcade

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Fitting Final Showcase for Paul Walker, the Actor

7/10 I will admit that I would probably not watched this movie if Paul Walker had not tragically passed away last Sunday. Prior to this, I only knew about Walker from the "Fast and Furious" films. This quiet little film certainly introduced me to a whole new and better Paul Walker.

"Hours" is about Nolan Hayes. His wife Abby was rushed into a hospital because of premature labor minutes before Hurricane Katrina hit their city. Difficulties pile up on Nolan as the hospital is evacuated, but he could not leave because his newborn daughter is hooked on a ventilator while in an incubator. Nolan had to deal the power outage, malfunctioning battery, food shortage, violent looters, and abject loneliness as he is trapped in desperate isolation.

The production values of this film are obviously low budget and the supporting cast may be mediocre. But there is no denying "Hours" is an incredible one-man show for Paul Walker, the actor. Very few actors have attempted this sort of project where basically there is only one character. Tom Hanks did it in "Cast Away" and Sandra Bullock did it in "Gravity", and now this project for Paul Walker.

I have to say that Walker surpassed my expectations and actually pulled it off very well with a very memorable performance. You can feel his frustration and his desperation as the hours pass hopelessly and endlessly. The tears that rolled down his face all look like they came from very deep emotions welling within him. The final scene was a thing of absolute beauty which alone elevates the entire film to a higher level.

With this film, we will see the breadth and depth of Walker's true acting talent, now lost in that horrific car crash. Fortunately, he was still able to release this one special film to forever remind us of his abilities which we will now be missing.

5 years ago

Paul Walker was excellent in his role

10/10 I watched this movie weeks before Paul Walker had passed and thoroughly enjoyed it. I must admit I've always been a fan of his. Yet I can indisputably say without being biased, that he played this role with excellence.

OK, so the move was not a fast paced action or romantic, date flick, but it was a well written realistic Drama / Thriller.

While the ending may have been somewhat predictable. The rest of the film with it's characters and plots certainly was not. You will find quite a few surprises.

I am sure it will do well if/when it's released in theaters around the world. What a great way to pay tribute to him by releasing it to as many screens as they can. At least I really hope they do. If you can't go to see it. I'd say it's worth renting anyway.

5 years ago

Should not have a such a low rating; this film is great.

8/10 This film in a sentence: What a father will do to keep his premature daughter alive, when the world is falling down around him.

Why this film isn't receiving a better rating I won't know. This is the best acting from Paul Walker I think anyone will have seen. Just watch it (especially if you thought 'The Impossible' was a great piece of film)

One of the core roles a man feels he needs to provide for his family is protection and to provide; this film shows this by putting Nolan (Walker) in scenarios where you feel his struggle to keep the only thing he has safe.

5 years ago

Just how far would a father go for their child?

10/10 This film amazed me as I am not normally into this genre. I went in not expecting anything really but by the end I was captivated and really cheering Walker on.

Paul Walker does an amazing job and he made the film for me, his emotion and grit shone through. By the end I found myself emotionally attached to the story and really immersed in the story.

The Film is set during Hurricane Katrina, but this is not a politically motivated or typical Hollywood portrayal. This is a survival story above all and I applaud Paul Walker in his role.

RIP my friend.

5 years ago

Walker's fine and desperate hours

8/10 I've just seen this movie and I'm glad I did. After previewing it a couple of months back, alongside Walker's other vehicle, Vehicle 19, I wondered what had happened to it. Here's an intriguing premise, played around or against a real catastrophic disaster, that being Hurricane Katrina, though this is not the first film based around that, remember Bad Lieutenant Cage remake, but we've gone onto a totally different track of story. Here Walker, very good, showing his capabilities as an actor if given the right material, is forced to stay back at an evacuated hospital, to look after his infant daughter, after Katrina strikes. It's not very long before the whole power goes out, and he has to solely rely on a generator to keep her daughter alive, where after every six minutes, the numbers will drop if he stops winding the control. You should see how many times he runs back and forth down to the power supply room, half flooded by the way. Certain obstacles and incidents, later thwart his quest, including some real unsavory heartless sons of bitches. Hours works so well for many reasons, one being Walker's realistic and engaging performance, probably one of his best. Apart from Katrina, he has to deal with a much greater tragedy, as having just lost his wife, Abigail (another hottie of course) who died in labor, apparently stress related, so Walker's not having the best of days. We see some of their earlier time spent together in a sufficient number of heartwarming, sexy, and inspiring flashbacks. Too what I liked, was how Walker spent a lot of time, ranting to his newborn, which in the early stages, I admit got a little annoying, but then it became quite interesting as god knows what s..t he was gonna pour out next. Another thing that was annoying, was his watch sounding off after every six minutes, but you gotta do what you gotta to do. What would you do? This is one of those movies that poses that question. I was quite impressed by Walker, as he had some really powerfully dramatic acting moments. Hopefully he can improve on this which next each film. Highly recommended drama of inspiration and hope.

5 years ago