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Language: Finnish

Author: sub

Updated: 5 years ago

Files: 1

Year: 1994
Run time: 113min
IMDB score: 6.2

Movie infomation

Movie name: Greedy

Genders: Comedy

Imdb Score: 6.2

Runtime: 113min

Released: 04 Mar 1994

Director: Jonathan Lynn

Writer: Lowell Ganz, Babaloo Mandel

Actors: Michael J. Fox, Kirk Douglas, Nancy Travis, Olivia d'Abo

Company: MCA Universal Home Video

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"What do you think, does family come first?"

5/10 A wonderful, little known movie. I join the others here who wonder how this jewel slipped past recognition in theaters. I was amazed when I stumbled across it- I don't even recall how.

What a joy. I remain shocked that such a good film is so unknown. The timing, the dialogue, the hilarious writing... What distribution company dropped the ball on this one? The dinner table scene at the beginning is the best ensemble five minutes or so I have ever watched. It's like a brilliant verbal volleyball game, comments popped from one character to the next, no one letting the ball drop. This family deserves each other. I, like "Little Daniel" was rooting for "the Limey Chick."

The blending of actors is perfect. Michael J. Fox, being Michael J. Fox alone should have assured the movie's recognition...oh yeah, that's why I rented it. Phil Hartman- what a brilliant man- but enough of that. He was unique and perfect as the spearhead of the obnoxious clan.

This movie does not make the common mistake of relying on well known actors and letting the script fend for itself. The concept, writing, acting, and unusual twists are well crafted. Everyone did his job.

Except that distribution company. Does anybody have their address?

5 years ago

Best film I've ever seen

10/10 Saw it before, and watched it again last night, even though I normally don't watch films twice. Period.

I think this is a brilliant film.

The humour in it is great, even though I knew what was coming. I mean: the fact that I remembered some of the lines from watching it a couple of years ago, while I can't remember what I had for dinner yesterday, speaks for itself. In my book anyway. :-)

Regardless of the comments, by others or myself, this film deserves a chance, so if you've never seen it I heartily recommend watching it. I'm (pretty) sure you'll love it.

5 years ago

Extremely Underrated, Hilarious!

9/10 Greedy is a film you may have passed on Showtime, or glanced at in the TV Guide and thought, "never heard of it". To be honest, I can't recall its stint in the theaters either. However, on the recommendation of my father, I gave it a chance.

The interaction between all of the characters is terrific. Phil Hartman gives comic brilliance, mixed with wit and sarcasm in his usual way.

This movie has a lot of laugh out loud moments for people who are into clever comedy with a slightly twisted mind. It is cemented in my comedy top 5 with Stripes, Planes Trains and Automobiles, Ferris Buellers Day Off, and Ridgemont. Highly recommended! 9/10

5 years ago

Very Underrated Comedy

5/10 You must see this movie if you like Phil Hartman and offbeat comedies! And if you simply don't care about popular opinion and what critics say, then you should definitely see this movie!

This film tackles a subject matter that I've never seen in a movie: inheriting money and being included in a will. Kirk Douglas plays a wealthy and eccentric business man bound to a wheelchair who says what he wants and gets whatever he asks for. Retired from his coal mining business, his days now consist of toying with his asskissing moneyhungry family who secretly are waiting for him to die, and being with his sexy live in housemaid (played by The Wonder Years' Olivia D'abo, whom I did not know was British, not to mention the daughter of Doo Wa Diddy's Manfred Mann). Led by the hilarious and unfortunately late Phil Hartman in top form, the family take turns accomodating Douglas and verbally assaulting him in private. The movie takes a turn when they decide to call Douglas' favorite nephew, played by Michael J. Fox, who has moved away to get away from his gold digging cousins, in order to cheer up Douglas. Fox, and his wife, played by the charming Nancy Travis, are the only ones who aren't after their uncle's money. Or are they?

With many twists and an ending to die for, this movie is my pick for the most underrated comedy of the 90's. See it!

5 years ago

One of the more underrated comedies of the last two decades

7/10 This comedy from the same director that brought us My Cousin Vinny is certainly a bit of a buried treasure. A well-cast, surprisingly effervescent production that has a good number of genuine laughs. Kirk Douglas is an aging millionaire, whose immediate family is comprised of a loathsome greedy horde of bloodsuckers who spend their time in outrageously sycophantic displays while trying to undercut their competition. Their plans hit a snag with the arrival of sexy pizza delivery girl Olivia D'abo who stays on as Douglas' caretaker. To attempt to ameliorate her influence, the clan seeks out Douglas' favorite estranged nephew - a down-on-his-luck bowler played by Michael J. Fox, who does his best to rise above the shenanigans, but finds himself drawn ever further into the melee.

If the film has a major weakness, it is that once the family unites to draw Fox into the game, the entire group of them (including Hartman, Jere Burns, Colleen Camp, etc.) suddenly operate as one mind rather than continuing to undermine each other. It would have been far more intriguing to see each specific relative continue with schemes of their own. Otherwise, the film is a lot of fun. Douglas is hilarious as the millionaire, who knows all too well what the family is doing and always seems one step ahead of their foolishness. Phil Hartman is a deadpan delight as the primary golddigger, who spends his time disparaging his relatives to Douglas with acid backhanded "compliments". Director Jonathan Lynn is acerbically funny as the put-upon butler and D'abo is suitably sexy as the wild card in the mix. The usually capable Nancy Travis is stuck with a largely humorless role as Fox's well-meaning girlfriend and the voice of reason in the film. Truthfully, her character could have been omitted or combined with the D'abo character without any deleterious impact. Fox himself has rarely been better outside of the Back to the Future franchise. This is one of his most appealing and consistently amusing performances. I would also be remiss in not mentioning his pleasantly surprising extended nude scene. I mean, WOW! Who knew? Sharp-eyed viewers will figure out the ending, but it does not make it any less satisfying. A film comedy that definitely needs to be rediscovered and re-evaluated by a new crop of viewers. They will definitely be rewarded.

5 years ago