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Lists movies by Mystery genre - page 55

Crime, Drama, Mystery
1h 55m
IMDB: 6.8
A British agent sets out to uncover the hidden facts behind a British government employee's suicide.
Updated: 3 days ago

Romance, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Thriller, Mystery
2h 16min
IMDB: 6.8
Cameron Crowe, Tom Cruise, Penélope Cruz, Cameron Diaz, Kurt Russell
A successful publisher finds his life taking a turn for the surreal after a car accident with a jaded lover.
Updated: 2 days ago

Thriller, Mystery, Horror
1h 35min
IMDB: 7.1
Drew Goddard, Kristen Connolly, Chris Hemsworth, Anna Hutchison, Fran Kranz
Five friends go for a break at a remote cabin in the woods, where they get more than they bargained for. Together, they must discover the truth behind the cabin in the woods.
Updated: yesterday

Sci-Fi, Thriller, Mystery
1h 45min
IMDB: 7.3
Neil Burger, Bradley Cooper, Anna Friel, Abbie Cornish, Robert De Niro
With the help of a mysterious pill that enables the user to access 100 percent of his brain abilities, a struggling writer becomes a financial wizard, but it also puts him in a new world with lots of dangers.
Updated: yesterday

Crime, Thriller, Mystery
1h 55min
IMDB: 7.3
Louis Leterrier, Jesse Eisenberg, Common, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson
An FBI agent and an Interpol detective track a team of illusionists who pull off bank heists during their performances and reward their audiences with the money.
Updated: 3 days ago

Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Mystery
2h 4min
Joseph Kosinski, Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman, Andrea Riseborough, Olga Kurylenko
A veteran assigned to extract Earth's remaining resources begins to question what he knows about his mission and himself.
Updated: 4 hours ago

Crime, Thriller, Drama, Mystery
2h 10min
IMDB: 7.7
Jean-Jacques Annaud, Sean Connery, Christian Slater, Helmut Qualtinger, Elya Baskin
An intellectually nonconformist monk investigates a series of mysterious deaths in an isolated abbey.
Updated: 3 hours ago

Mystery, Romance, Drama
2h 10m
IMDB: 8.2
A self-conscious bride is tormented by the memory of her husband's dead first wife.
Updated: 3 hours ago