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Lists movies by Drama genre - page 327

Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller
1h 52min
IMDB: 7.2
François Truffaut, Oskar Werner, Julie Christie, Cyril Cusack, Anton Diffring
In an oppressive future, a fireman whose duty is to destroy all books begins to question his task.
Updated: 2 hours ago

Adventure, Thriller, Drama
1h 40min
IMDB: 6.7
Daniel Nettheim, Willem Dafoe, Sam Neill, Morgana Davies, Jacek Koman
Martin, a mercenary, is sent from Europe by a mysterious biotech company to the Tasmanian wilderness on a hunt for the last Tasmanian tiger.
Updated: 2 hours ago

Drama, Biography
Tim Burton, Amy Adams, Christoph Waltz, Krysten Ritter, Jason Schwartzman
A drama about the awakening of the painter Margaret Keane, her phenomenal success in the 1950s, and the subsequent legal difficulties she had with her husband, who claimed credit for her works in the 1960s.
Updated: 2 hours ago

Drama, Music
IMDB: 6.9
Mark Rydell, Bette Midler, Alan Bates, Frederic Forrest, Harry Dean Stanton
The tragic life of a self-destructive female rock star who struggles to deal with the constant pressures of her career and the demands of her ruthless business manager.
Updated: 2 hours ago

Action, Drama, History
IMDB: 6.2
Heung-Sik Park, Byung-hun Lee, Do-yeon Jeon, Go-eun Kim, Kyeong-yeong Lee
While in medieval Korea, a young girl sets out to revenge the betrayal and the death of her mother. But therefore she must face one of the most powerful men and warriors of the Goryo Dynasty.
Updated: 1 hours ago

Crime, Drama, Comedy
IMDB: 6.6
Barry Levinson, Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton, Cate Blanchett, Troy Garity
Two bank robbers fall in love with the girl they've kidnapped.
Updated: 2 hours ago

Action, Adventure, Drama
IMDB: 6.2
Cedric Nicolas-Troyan, Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron, Jessica Chastain, Emily Blunt
As a war between rival queen sisters Ravenna and Freya escalates, Eric and fellow warrior Sara, members of the Huntsmen army raised to protect Freya, try to conceal their forbidden love as they combat Ravenna's wicked intentions.
Updated: 1 hours ago

Horror, Drama, Mystery
Ben Howling, Yolanda Ramke,
CARGO is a post apocalyptic thriller and an emotional story of a father trying to save his child at all costs.
Updated: 2 hours ago

Drama, Adventure, Fantasy
1h 55m
IMDB: 7.9
Alex Garland,
A biologist signs up for a dangerous, secret expedition where the laws of nature don't apply.
Updated: 2 hours ago

Drama, History, Adventure
1h 43m
Agustín Díaz Yanes,
Updated: 2 hours ago