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Lists movies by Adventure genre - page 2

Adventure, Drama, Biography
IMDB: 6.1
Stewart Raffill, Michael Paré, Nancy Allen, Eric Christmas, Bobby Di Cicco
A United States Navy destroyer escort participates in a Navy "invisibility" experiment that inadvertently sends two sailors 40 years into the future.
Updated: one year ago

Adventure, Animation, Family
IMDB: 5.7
Nancy Florence Savard, Christopher Plummer, Rachelle Lefevre, Dustin Milligan, Tim Rozon
Three young Inuits set off in search of a promised land to save their clan from starvation.
Updated: one year ago

Adventure, Fantasy, Horror
IMDB: 2.9
Justin Price, Danny Trejo, Eric Roberts, Rachele Brooke Smith, Justin Price
A godless man is recruited by a secret organization who works to combat demonic possessions in order to prepare a new generation in the battle against evil forces.
Updated: one year ago

Action, Adventure, Biography
IMDB: 6.8
Dick Lowry, Gerard Butler, Powers Boothe, Simmone Mackinnon, Reg Rogers
A romanced story of Attila the Hun, from when he lost his parents in childhood until his death. Attila is disclosed as a great leader, strategist and lover and the movie shows his respect ...
Updated: one year ago

Adventure, Drama
IMDB: 7.4
John Huston, Gregory Peck, Richard Basehart, Leo Genn, James Robertson Justice
The sole survivor of a lost whaling ship relates the tale of his captain's self-destructive obsession to hunt the white whale, Moby Dick.
Updated: one year ago

Adventure, Fantasy, Animation, Family
1h 16min
IMDB: 6.8
Bradley Raymond, Mae Whitman, Lauren Mote, Michael Sheen, Pamela Adlon
Tinker Bell must team up with a rival fairy to keep their existence a secret from humans.
Updated: one year ago

Action, Adventure, Drama
John Milius, Sean Connery, Candice Bergen, Brian Keith, John Huston
At the beginning of the 20th century an American woman is abducted in Morocco by Berbers. The attempts to free her range from diplomatic pressure to military intervention.
Updated: one year ago

Adventure, Sci-Fi, Thriller
IMDB: 4.9
Stanley Donen, John Barry, Farrah Fawcett, Kirk Douglas, Harvey Keitel
Two lovers stationed at a remote base in the asteroid fields of Saturn are intruded upon by a retentive technocrat from Earth and his charge: a malevolent 8-ft robot. Remember, in space no ...
Updated: one year ago

Adventure, Fantasy, Family
Robert Stevenson, Angela Lansbury, David Tomlinson, Roddy McDowall, Sam Jaffe
An apprentice witch, three kids and a cynical conman search for the missing component to a magic spell useful to the defense of Britain.
Updated: one year ago

Adventure, Comedy, Animation
IMDB: 5.5
Richard Rich, Ben Diskin, Dee Dee Greene, Kate Higgins, Mike Jacobs
Join the pack in this wild, warmhearted and totally pawsome adventure starring everyone's favorite alphas and omegas. It's time for "The Great Wolf Games," when all the alphas in the packs ...
Updated: one year ago