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Genders: Action

Director: Lawrence Silverstein

Writer: Matthew Chadwick, Jeremy Sklar

Actors: Sean Faris, Tamer Hassan, Rebecca Da Costa, Danny Dyer

Year: 2012
Run time: 1h 27min
IMDB score: 3.5
Updated: 4 years ago

Movie infomation

Movie name: Freerunner

Genders: Action

Imdb Score: 3.5

Runtime: 1h 27min

Released: 13 Jul 2012

Director: Lawrence Silverstein

Writer: Matthew Chadwick, Jeremy Sklar

Actors: Sean Faris, Tamer Hassan, Rebecca Da Costa, Danny Dyer

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Underwhelming to the extreme!

3/10 When I saw that Danny Dyer played a main character in this movie, I was worried that it was going to be just another of his mediocre flicks, but I was actually quite surprised. I was surprised at the fact that this was his most underwhelming role to date!

Danny Dyer has played acceptable roles as the underling to hard men in some of his previous movies, but it seems that in a few of his recent movies, he's been elevated to 'boss-man' status, and his acting inabilities are now shining through.

When I read the plot, I thought the movie had a little potential, but terminal disappointment set in after 15 minutes, and all I could do was wait impatiently for the monotonously predictable ending.

I have nothing against Danny Dyer per se, but giving him a lead role in any movie is a recipe for serious face palming.

I'm feeling generous, so I'll give it 3/10

5 years ago

Oh dear oh dear - RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

1/10 This must be the worst movie I've ever seen - it's simply just an awful piece of crap!

Maybe if you're 12 and think Freerunning is the coolest thing ever and don't care about painfully bad acting and script and direction and special effects and....

You'll live a happier life without this insult of a movie - TRUST ME!

I gave it a single star to even things out a bit (wish I could give a negative rating)- since the participants in this horror obviously voted way way over the top at a current rating at over 8?!!!

This is a 3 star movie at best!


5 years ago


1/10 ...I expected a really good entertaining movie, when I checked IMDb and saw a 7.2 rating.

The movie is for my opinion a b-movie. The characters are not well played. The stunts are boring...oh moment....were there stunts???

Then, the movie tried hard to get some attention with exploding heads. The idea of the movie isn't too bad, but it's just not believable what's going on there. The guy has 20 minutes left to live and is talking with his girlfriend in the car^^

The free runners also have endless power and running, fighting nearly without breathing.

I'll make it short: For me, one of the worst movies I've ever seen. If you are a free runner fan, go back to B13 movie...this was much better.

5 years ago

Splode my head now please.

5/10 I'm about 50 minutes into the movie and I can't get passed their voicing. I mean seriously, it's like they're all reading from the same script as they're going. It's pretty bad. And don't get me started on the girlfriend; she can't even speak proper English. The main character, Sean Faris, I've seen him in multiple other movies and he's done a good job, not so much great, but good job at the roles he's played. Never Back Down, awesome movie IMO, Forever Strong, same deal. But this, OMG, this is movie is completely unbearable.

It takes about 40 minutes for the movie to even take off and at that point, its halfway over with.

The only thing that's keeping me even remotely interested is the fact that I'm a slight fan of Sean Faris and I love Parkour.

Overall, movie is horrible. Horrible Effects, Horrible Voicing. Horrible Actors. Horrible Plot. Horrible Looking 'Hot Chick' etc.

5 years ago

Avoid it and don't trust ratings with low number of voters

1/10 This movie is piece of s**it that I quit watching at last quarter. After I saw its IMDb rating above 7 I hoped from the first crappy minute that it will change to better. But it went from bad to worse each new second. I hate myself for being stubborn and wasting even the shortest part of my life to this film. Avoid it or you'll regret as I did.

Long story short. Don't trust to IMDb ratings until there is much more than 15 votes.

Avoid this in long circle. This is not 7-8 stars movie as some suc**rs voted. It's a piece of crap.

5 years ago