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Genders: Action, Thriller, Mystery

Director: Chuck Russell

Writer: Tony Puryear, Walon Green

Actors: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Vanessa Williams, James Caan, James Coburn

Year: 1996
Run time: 1h 55min
IMDB score: 5.9
Updated: 2 years ago

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Movie name: Eraser

Genders: Action, Thriller, Mystery

Imdb Score: 5.9

Runtime: 1h 55min

Released: 21 Jun 1996

Director: Chuck Russell

Writer: Tony Puryear, Walon Green

Actors: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Vanessa Williams, James Caan, James Coburn

Company: Warner Home Video

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Exciting action with Arnold

7/10 Chuck Russel's Eraser is exploding and intense action film starring Arnold Scwarzenegger as secret government officer, who "erases" people i.e. destroys their past in order to save their future. He gets to erase an important witness (Vanessa Williams) who knows about her company's illegal activities as it sells guns to foreigners. The film is full of action and mayhem, which is great since hardboiled action films are not made too often in Hollywood anymore.

There are hardly any stops throughout the movie and the viewer should not be bored, at least I wasn't now that I watched the movie for the second time. It looks fantastic in its original widescreen format, and this is definitely among Arnold's more noteworthy performances and proves the talent of director Chuck (Scorpion King, Elm Street 3) Russell.

There are many effects that look pretty realistic and the crocodile shoot out is one memorable scene, and maybe that is the screenwriters' comment on zoos' that don't feed their animals sufficiently as the crocodiles are VERY hungry and fierce for food! Also, there is one over the top airplane scene, that really grabs an attention. The actors are great throughout the film and James Caan doesn't make an exception. The finale is perhaps little too familiar and relies on gun fights and explosions, but still, as a whole, I found this film very pleasant experience in its own genre. It is not the greatest action film ever made in Hollywood, but it is one of the most interesting US action films of the 90's.


5 years ago

Arnold Knew How To Make Entertaining Films

7/10 A decade ago, this Arnold Schwarzenegger action flick was fairly hot stuff but I wonder if it would have the impact today since special effects are so much better and we've seen so many of these type of action stories in the past 10 years.

One of Arnold's keys to his successful career in films was simply that his movies were entertaining, and that's why people come to the theaters. High-brow critics often forget that. "Eraser" is a prime example. Entertainment alone is how this particular movie survives since common logic doesn't exist while violence and profanity are overdone. But, despite it's low-brow tastes and stupidity, it's still generally fun to watch if you can put your brain on hold for two hours. It's also fun to hear if you have a nice surround system.

This movie has one of the most outrageous action scenes I've ever seen on film, even to this day: one in which Arnold hangs from the outside of a jet airplane, finally lets go, free-falls to catch his parachute that had been ripped off, and then has to worry about the jet plane which had circled around and was going to smash him!!

The audio came into play nicely each time the super rifle that was featured in the movie was shot. Vanessa Williams plays the female lead satisfactorily and James Caan is very effective as the villain. Robert Pastorelli and James Coburn also add to the fun. A few laughs along the way help this no-brainer to become even more entertaining.

5 years ago

One of my favorite Schwarzenegger movies!

9/10 For the most part, I'm a Schwarzenegger fan, although I may never forgive him for his role in BATMAN AND ROBIN. ERASER is one of my favorites of his movies. I think it ranks right up there with the TERMINATOR movies and TRUE LIES. The plot, I think, is better in this movie than in most of Schwarzenegger's movies, and of course the action does not disappoint.

Dr. Lee Cullen, (Vanessa Williams) a dedicated worker for the Cyrez Corporation, learns that there is a conspiracy going on within her business. Guns that were supposed to have been being made for the military are finding themselves in the hands of terrorists. Lee does an undercover job for the FBI and barely escapes alive. U.S. Marshal John Kruger (Arnold Schwarzenegger) of the Witness Protection Program is assigned to protect Lee. Kruger will "erase" Lee's identity to keep her safe. But when he finds out that his mentor and teacher Robert Deguerin (James Caan) is also in on the conspiracy, both Lee and Kruger are in danger.

Much credit goes out to the main actors of this movie. Arnold Schwarzeneger does a fine job, although this character is the same type of character her normally plays. James Kaan is excellent in this film, as is the beautiful Vanessa Williams did an excellent job. Robert Pastorelli also does a great job playing the comic relief of this movie.

The plot is very good and it usually keeps the views interested and on the edge of his seat. There are also some great special effects that are used for the weapons in this movie. It's another great case of Arnold kicking some enemy *** and saving the day, as well as the girl. Check it out!

5 years ago

Very good. Surprisingly.

9/10 As one of the later Arnold movies and a suspicious title, there are initially serious worries about how good this film will be. Fortunately it turned out to be a great movie in the end. The only nitpick would be those obviously fake CGI crocodiles used in one scene but otherwise, the movie has consistency in quality. This movie also introduced the famous rail gun which became an instant hit when videogames copied it. The rail gun in the movie itself is more like a super fast rocket launcher than a sniping weapon. The story itself, surrounds the marketing of that weapon. The acting is very good as is the screenplay and cinematography. This film isn't anything new, isn't a groundbreaker in any way but is still highly enjoyable.

5 years ago

Rock 'em sock 'em cinema

8/10 Eraser is a film typical of its genre. What genre, you ask? Why, the "the terrorists-are-coming-and-it's one-man-against-the-world-so-shoot-em-up, blow-em-up, and save-the-girl-and-the-day" genre, of course. Too complicated for you? Don't worry, because the movie isn't. As a matter of fact, it's readily accessible to anyone over the age of 7 - not that this movie is age-appropriate for everyone over the age of 7 (Note: This was my favorite movie when I was 10) - but rather that the concepts, and thus the plot, are simple. This isn't a movie you go see if you're seeking a two hour thinking experience.

Casting Schwarzenegger for the lead instantly gives the main character, John Kruger, a personality of his own. Though nothing is ever known of his background (even by the end credits), that doesn't matter. Dialogue is used mainly for two purposes: to explain the unfolding saga of the federal scandal in the movie, and for the ever-composed and ever-cool Schwarzenegger to calm Dr. Lee Cullen (Vanessa Williams), a key witness in the scandal saga. Instead, what drives the movie is the action sequences and Schwarzenegger's resourcefulness in a myriad of combat situations where he always finds himself outmanned, outgunned, and beaten to the first punch, yet always manages to gain the upper hand.

Williams does an excellent job, and in many ways, is forced to be more of an "actor," per se, than Schwarzenegger. She has to display a wide array of emotions, from sadness, to fear, to regret, to resolve, and even anger, while Schwarzenegger is only called on to mainly display the final two. James Caan is legitimately a scumbag in his role as Robert DeGuerin, and James Coburn, in a smaller role, is fatherly to Kruger as Chief Beller. Solid, unspectacular performances all that of Caan, who borders on something more.

The action in this movie is incredible for its time. The rail guns are visually impressive if not scientifically plausible (but who cares about that anyway?), and Schwarzenegger's combat ingenuity gives flavor and style to the action sequences. Director Russell seems to show a bizarre fixation with bloody puncture wounds (objects protruding entirely through the skin) throughout, but does show some creativity of his own in placing Schwarzenegger in clever combat situations where he can use his mind to outsmart his many more-heavily-armed enemies. Russell also plays with the moviegoer in several situations, making it unclear whether or not Kruger is alive after several close calls. This keeps moviegoers on the edge of their seats for the nonstop thrill ride that rarely pauses to take a breath. From the first scene to the last, explosions, shooting, and violence are the norm, and it is not meant to be any other way.

5 years ago