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Language: German

Author: sub

Updated: 2 years ago

Files: 1

Year: 2013
Run time: N/A
IMDB score: 7.2

Movie infomation

Movie name: DisOrientation

Genders: Comedy

Imdb Score: 7.2

Runtime: N/A

Released: 01 Oct 2013

Director: Russell Whaley

Writer: Charles Price

Actors: Eric Toms, Todd Gaebe, Richard Moll, Konstantin Lavysh

Imdb Link

00:00:25,317 --> 00:00:26,614
Ich wei�, was du denkst.

00:00:27,069 --> 00:00:30,699
Was soll so ein h�bscher Junge wie du
an einem Ort wie diesem hier?

00:00:30,734 --> 00:00:33,621
Wei�t du, von Zeit zu Zeit
denke ich von mir genau dasselbe.

00:00:33,867 --> 00:00:36,370
Der Haken ist, das hier ist College.

00:00:36,405 --> 00:00:39,338
Da muss man Regeln befolgen,
wenn man �berleben will.

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10/10 If you're into crazy comedies this is definitely worth the watch! You can't go wrong when your lead character is a drunken mess trying to teach a little kid right from wrong. This is a film where you smile the whole way through because of the lovable characters and the laugh out loud moments are steady with all the drunken shenanigans these guys get into. Plenty of hot chicks, drinking, drugs, anarchy, and a sweet sweet revenge story you won't soon forget. Yeah, if you're a bully you don't want to mess with these guys that's for sure. I saw this at a festival and can't wait to get a copy of my own because of all the lines I missed when I was laughing so hard. All in all, if you miss college or need a few pointers on drinking this is the movie for you.

2 years ago

Better than most big-budget raunch

8/10 DisOrientation - love the odd capitalization - is aimed at college kids and those of us who never grew up. Its core audience will like it, probably quite a bit. It's certainly better than most big-budget raunch films out there today, even with its unlikely plot. Or probably because of it. There's a lot of barfing, there is drug use, precious little nudity, and plenty of laughs.

Finn (Eric Toms) is a longtime college student who rarely goes to class. He's also run through several roommates over the years, ostensibly because his wild antics drive them away. The resident assistant despises him. So do his professors. He spends most days at the only bar in town that opens before noon. He's the ne'er-do-wells to end all ne'er-do- wells.

His new roomie is Toby (Todd Gaebe), a teen prodigy who would make Wormser from the Revenge of the Nerds movies look like Ruby Rhod from The Fifth Element. Toby is terrified of everything, especially his dad (Richard Moll), who doesn't understand his brainy offspring much at all. Finn doesn't help matters by essentially making Toby sleep under the bed while he (Finn) brings home college girl after college girl. It's a scarring experience.

Since this is a comedy, we can rest assured that all will turn out well in the end, and it doesn't matter that we know that. We expect there to be some sort of reconciliation between the two (one makes the other less wild, one makes the other less timid). He expect a growing of character, if not outright development. And we expect some climactic scene in which bad guys, probably jocks, are outplayed in some fashion. We are not disappointed.

Toms is the one who holds it all together. The effortless charm is at just the right level. Too much of it, and a character seems smarmy, self-promoting, and unappealing. Not enough of it, and the character can just disappear into the scenery, not something you want your lead to do. Toms manages to make Finn be both likable and unlikeable. He accomplishes this by being funny, getting the most out of writer Charles Price's script.

The movie is low budget, surprising because of the multitude of songs on the soundtrack. And yet each song is well chosen and adds to a scenes atmosphere, rather than distracting from it. Sure, occasionally one is used for a montage - a staple of this kind of movie - but that's the exception. Regardless, the movie doesn't feel like a low-budget movie at all. It has the look and feel of a studio film, if that studio had any idea about how to make a funny college-kids movie.

DisOrientation doesn't waste time with a complicated plot and wisely lets Toms (and Gaebe) carry the load. The movie is endearing, sure (all college-kids movies must have some heart), but it's also terrifically disgusting and hilarious. The drinking contest alone is a minor comedy gem.

2 years ago

Poor Man Van Wilder...

5/10 I saw this at the video store, i usually love juvenile comedies like that so i gave it a shot. First thing that stroked me was how the beginning looks very close to Van Wilder. Finn wanting to remain in college even if his time should be done, trying to "educate" new roommates that are more the intellectual type. Of course you got a bully that want to do all he can to make sure Finn get trouble. Finn also has to pass exam if he want to remain there(yep pretty much like Van Wilder).

In any case, i am more than surprise at the reviews, i tough this movie was not that funny. It had its moment, but i would say i was not impress with most of the characters. Finn himself is OK, the blond chicks who work at the bar is alright too, but the nerdy guy is just so awkward i couldn't believe in him, he look fake as hell, and i didn't saw the chemistry between the 2 guys. The bullies are not introduced until later in the movie and really where not much interesting. All the other characters where forgivable.

Honestly i wouldn't go and say this is a terrible movie, cause it had some moments, but it was clearly not a real good movie either. Nothing really stand out of it and its just another below average teen comedy that will be easily forgot with time.

2 years ago

College Brothers

4/10 It's nice when the German distribution gives you a summary line ... which they used as title for this movie! I kid you not. But let's not get ahead of ourselves (something the movie does quite a few times). I did expect it to be worse than it actually was. There even was one scene where I had to laugh out loud ("why do you have a video of your parents..." is all I'm going to say, you'll know the scene, when it comes up).

Apart from that it's the usual: a guy who's too old to still be in "school", gets a roommate who acts like he's 16 (weird glasses and all) and completely naive. They are actually both fish out of water types. You know where this is heading, some immature jokes (nudity, puking and much more) ensue and we are well on our way. There is a lot of heart in this, even it's most silly moments. Doesn't make it great, but might make you chuckle once or twice, especially if you're in the mood

2 years ago

If comedy classic "Van Wilder" were a student film...

2/10 DisOrientation is a college comedy that borrows heavily from Ryan Reynolds' turn as the titular Van Wilder but with a cocaine habit and less charm. Just like Van Wilder, our hero, Finn takes an geeky freshman under his wing who is far too awkward to be believable. A token black friend, who is literally referred to as such for a laugh, also drifts in and out but as he has nothing of importance to say or do that joke really falls flat.

Typical of this genre, our heroes are tormented by a group of stereotypical alpha male bullies who rack up the majority of the profanity in the script. This also fails to amuse as the insults they hurl sound like the stuff nine year old boys would construct out of ignorance. The rest of the film is a mildly funny pastiche of seemingly endless vomit gags and less than the appropriate amount of nudity that a sub par script of this genre would normally require. The movie does end with a legitimately funny, homo- erotic prank which I caught while channel flipping. It was enough to make me set a recording for the next airing which turned out to be a waste of time.

2 years ago