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Criminal Activities

Criminal Activities

Language: Brazilian Portuguese - Release: Criminal Activities 2015 1080p

Author: nguedes84

Updated: 2 years ago

Files: 1

Year: 2015
Run time: N/A
IMDB score:

Movie infomation

Movie name: Criminal Activities

Genders: Crime, Thriller, Drama

Imdb Score:

Runtime: N/A

Released: 20 Nov 2015

Director: Jackie Earle Haley

Writer: Robert Lowell

Actors: Dan Stevens, John Travolta, Jackie Earle Haley, Michael Pitt

Imdb Link

00:00:48,040 --> 00:00:51,483
O fil�sofo Marcel Proust

00:00:52,017 --> 00:00:54,985
"Sempre dizemos que
a hora da morte � incerta,

00:00:56,253 --> 00:01:00,822
mas, quando falamos isso
afiguramos essa hora como situada

00:01:00,824 --> 00:01:03,658
num espa�o vago e long�nquo."

00:01:06,928 --> 00:01:09,029
Estamos reunidos aqui
para apoiar