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Chloe and Theo

Chloe and Theo

Language: English

Author: sub

Updated: 3 years ago

Files: 1

Year: 2015
Run time: 112min
IMDB score: 5.8

Movie infomation

Movie name: Chloe and Theo

Genders: Drama, Comedy

Imdb Score: 5.8

Runtime: 112min

Released: 26 Jun 2015

Director: Ezna Sands

Writer: Ezna Sands

Actors: Theo Ikummaq, Dakota Johnson, Mira Sorvino, André De Shields

Imdb Link

00:00:11,395 --> 00:00:14,465
I want to tell you about a man
I once knew.

00:00:17,501 --> 00:00:22,690
He lived in a land so beautiful
and white and silent,

00:00:22,790 --> 00:00:25,943
that if you scraped
a harpoon on the ice,

00:00:26,043 --> 00:00:28,813
you could hear it for miles and miles.

00:01:42,020 --> 00:01:44,655
We give thanks...


Maybe the script isn't as vigorous as you'd expect but it has some intense purposeful emotional idea and that's what made it enjoyable in its couple of final scenes.

6/10 So the movie started really slow and cold ;) just talking and talking and some weird language from "the north" until Chloe appears still talking about herself and the man she's met !! then things got a little interesting with the funny looking "freaking Eskimo" so it started to get a bit funny with Chloe steal from the Retirement home :D

So whether we agree or disagree on the importance of global warming issue ,, the movie amazingly shines a light on this making it so purposeful and it gets really emotional while Theo starts telling the story of how the "men of the south" and their capacity of destruction and their need for expansion effects other on the planet... but again it went back to be humors .. so the Genre is not so much Drama as it has comedy, thrill too and some emotional statements in the final scenes ..

The performance of Dakota Johnson is applaudable, Mira Sorvino and the others .. Theo Ikummaq was also so good, for him it's like just be there and here you are a rigid strong Eskimo or Enoch !! ;)

See the problem here was maybe all the monologues it kinda felt more like a documentary in some parts and the script could have been so much stronger and tighter .. but it felt like switching from talking to yourself to a regular scene again and again .:P

Overall ,, Maybe the script is not as strong or vigorous as you'd expect but it has some intense purposeful emotional idea and that's what made it enjoyable and catchy especially in the second half.

3 years ago

Deep feelings about nothing much

1/10 And a child, shall lead them. Failing that, a guy from nowhere. But, synthesize that pair, and celebrate their judgment and acumen, and we have this manipulative mess. Pass, as quickly as possible.

Deep feelings about nothing much, other than a naive world view, extremely politicized.

No fun, no sex, no brain. The Wizard of Oz without the talent, which appears to have gone Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

Do not bother.

Reminds me of a girl and her dog story from the 1940's. The girl, under ten, and the dog likewise. Usually called Shep. Here portrayed as an Eskimo.

Get him an ice cream. Leave the rest of us alone.

3 years ago

Best movie in a long time

10/10 I have to say this film opened my eyes to the amount of ignorance we have toward humanity, it was well written with a great cast, it has a true meaning and those with a heart will be able to capture this meaning and see the world through the eyes of people who have genuine concern for not just the earth, but all those who exist in it. Thank you to all involved especially Theo who plays himself in the movie and Monica Ord a producer of the film and a true activist for the well-being of mankind. I recommend with parental guidance that this movie is for everyone. There is laughter and tears and I was able to bond with the characters unlike any other film I have seen in a long time . Please don't miss this one!!!

3 years ago

A Green Fairy Tail

8/10 A Good script, a touching story and a simple way of telling the story. Do not expect the greatest of the movies but, can expect: simple directing, simple starring and a simple movie. It makes one think. Good job from Dakota. Must See In a time when everybody wants the new gadget, the more fashion clothes, the super car, this movie makes us think, just for a while, that we must take care of the planet, so that our grand grand Childs still can live here. Movies should do at least one of the following: entertain, make us think or makes disconnect for a brief moment in time. This movie makes us think, but both Dakota and Theo, makes us disconnect.

3 years ago

Great Idea-worst script I've seen in a long while

3/10 Great premise-promote Green Earth-Save the Planet NOW-...and two stellar actresses-Mira Sorvino and Dakota Johnson. Should me a winner.

Then..once the plot/movie unfolds and the charming Dakota/Chloe appears, our interest is truly heightened...HOWEVER, after about 5-10 minutes, we are shocked to see and hear something that resembles a sophomoric production at your old high school! HOW could this movie have ever been made???? The scenes and dialogue are so very very very weak and cliche/ can hardly believe this is happening. Dakota and Mira both need better advisers/agents etc. and hopefully learn from this debacle-it matters what projects they sign up for. Dakota especially, will be hurt by this insult. She just came off a stunning career changer in 50 shades. Apparently she comes off the screen as her handlers direct her.......Fabulous.. or Forgotten. I can only hope from now on we will Remember..she is indeed-Fabulous.

3 years ago