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Blood Diner (1987)

Blood Diner (1987)

Language: English

Author: sub

Updated: 9 months ago

Files: 1

Year: ...
Run time: 1h 28m
IMDB score: 5

Movie infomation

Movie name: Blood Diner (1987)

Genders: Comedy, Horror

Imdb Score: 5

Runtime: 1h 28m

Released: ...




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00:00:52,350 --> 00:00:55,269
♪ Crazy, crazy, crazy ♪

00:00:55,270 --> 00:00:56,854
♪ Crazy, crazy, crazy over you ♪

00:00:56,855 --> 00:00:57,896
♪ Umbadododo ♪

00:00:57,897 --> 00:01:00,399
♪ Crazy, crazy, crazy ♪

00:01:00,400 --> 00:01:02,653
♪ Crazy, crazy, crazy over you ♪

00:01:03,444 --> 00:01:05,196
♪ Crazy ♪ - ♪ Ooh doo wa ♪

Blood Diner (1987) Available Subtitles



Will have you coming back for seconds!10/10

0/10 This is one of the wackiest horror flicks you will ever find. It is rare and difficult to locate a copy but it is well worth the search especially for true horror buffs or those who have a penchant for the truly shocking and bizarre. "Blood Diner" is actually a salute to Herschell Gordon Lewis' "Blood Feast" it is not however a blatant rip-off. While a handful of scenes are similar to those in "Blood Feast" there are no blatant scene-for-scene rip-offs in this one and true fans of Lewis' will appreciate the tribute! The murder sequences in this film are exceptionally goofy and side-splittingly funny. From the french-fried "lady fingers" to the pickled uncle's brain in a jar (complete with eyes) that talks all the way down to the deep-fried prostitute and the woman who is literally hacked in two, not horizontally but vertically. There are plenty of shocks and laughs in this film but a warning: it is most definitely not for the squeamish so grab a barf bag and get ready for a bloody good time at the "Blood Diner"!

9 months ago

The best vegetarian restaurant in town.5/10

0/10 Michael and George, owners of the best vegetarian restaurant in their small city, have an interesting social life. Where most people go home and spend time with their loved ones after work, Michael and George hang around with their deceased uncle. That's right, their deceased uncle -- who's actually just a brain and eyes in a jar that's ordering them to rebuild the goddess Sheetar so she can take over the world.

Sound like the perfect B-Movie? Well, in a way, it is. 'Blood Diner' is one of those little gems that takes you quite a while to appreciate. Sure, it's filled with as much low budget gore and cheesy sexist jokes as as Kong could fit into an hour and twenty eight minutes. And sure, there are members of my high school drama class that are better actors than two of the main characters in this film. But that's what makes it fun -- the fact that it was not only made to laugh at, but that you have so many chances to laugh at it.

Rent this movie if you ever get the chance and if you're into black humour and/or horrible but great films. And make sure to watch out for the biker, wrestling and Vitamin scenes. If you aren't rolling on the floor laughing at the end of it, never rent another B-Movie again.

9 months ago

Great Horror Movie10/10

0/10 The bad reviews of this movie infuriate me. Why the hell would anyone watch this an expect anything other than comedy, gore, and nudity. The movie scores on all three! Best plot ever: Evil brain of uncle sends psycho nephews on mission to kill naked women and collect pieces...oh and they run a diner that serves the leftovers. I consider this required viewing for any REAL horror fan.

That's all I wanted to say but I need to do 10 lines here. This is not out on DVD yet but hopefully it will be someday. I recommend Night Train to Terror for the exact same reasons as this film. Also, here's line number 10.

9 months ago

This may be the best film ever made10/10

0/10 This movie is the classic old tale of two men trying to construct an Egyptian goddess for their castrated uncle from the severed body parts of young women.

This is one of those rare unknown cinema gems that reminds you of what 80's horror/slasher movies were all about and why video cameras were ever invented in the first place. It also contains the best movie line ever written: "On that night, on this mission, I lost my gentitals and my life." And yes, Uncle Anwar really says "gentitals".

The plot of this movie is thrown together as loosely as the body parts used to construct Shiitar. The movie is lightly based on Blood Feast with some horrible special effects and 80's hairdos thrown in.

There are more classic moments in Blood Diner than there are in most B horror movies combined. You'll be laughing all the way to the blood buffet from the weird stuffed talking dummy in the rival diner to the guy getting his head smashed by a car with hydraulics which causes an onlooker to ask "hey man, you OK?". The movie even has token 80's horror flick nudity when the brothers go into a topless aerobics class (don't ask why) and mow everyone down with a machine gun. Hey, it happens. Another epic scene is when a fat guy driving a van and listening to mambo music repeatedly runs over a dude in a failed yet hilarious attempt to kill him.

If you haven't seen this movie I suggest you quit your job and study it for the next few months. You'll be swinging a meat cleaver screaming SHIIIIIITAAAAAAAR!!!!! before you know it.

9 months ago

funny, funny, funny 10/108/10

0/10 you guys need to lighten up! this movie was one of the funniest horror movies i have ever seen. this is not serious horror, but more a black comedy. go hushpuppy woman!!!!!! the bad dubbing and even worse acting makes this movie hilarious! i think that miss jackie kong should have done more with the horror genre. she has cult status in my book! i gave blood diner a
10/10 because this is a one of a kind movie. i have not seen anything like this since bloodsucking freaks and hard rock zombies. go hushpuppy woman!!!!!! one of my all time favorites, i would love to have the soundtrack. anyone who has seen this movie, or thought about seeing this, make sure to enjoy the 'shake it out' song in the club dread, awesome!!!!!! definately, one of the best horror movies of the eighties! also check out stan and his doll, hilarious! 'don't do it stan, stan you'll get in trouble...' enjoy!!!!!! funny, funny, funny 10/10

9 months ago