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Berkshire County

Berkshire County

Language: English

Author: sub

Updated: 3 years ago

Files: 1

Year: 2014
Run time: 83min
IMDB score: 6.2

Movie infomation

Movie name: Berkshire County

Genders: Thriller, Horror

Imdb Score: 6.2

Runtime: 83min

Released: 05 Oct 2014

Director: Audrey Cummings

Writer: Chris Gamble, Chris Gamble

Actors: Alysa King, Samora Smallwood, Bart Rochon, Aaron Chartrand

Company: A71 Entertainment


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All About The Makeup

10/10 This movie was awesome, I was impressed by the makeup. Well done! Most films have an inability to portray a good scare but this was great. Special effects were good! A classic thriller with some of the best chase scenes, the script is good, the performances are good, if you're a fan of suspense, you've probably watched this movie.

Kylie Winters, a bullied and self-loathing teen, reluctantly agrees to babysit at an isolated country mansion on Halloween night. When a small boy in a pig mask appears at the door trick- or-treating, Kylie's night transforms into a horrifying and violent cat-and-mouse game. She must go beyond what she ever thought possible if she and the children are to survive the night.

4 years ago

Babysitter in peril

5/10 This is a rather conventional home invasion horror story that fans of the genre will find familiar.

As horror goes, this has some thrills. The villains are scary, as is their pursuit of the inhabitants. And the house itself is a star, with rooms that are very visual and a plethora of corridors and hiding places. The lead character evolves from mousy and helpless to develop the grit to fight back.

The story follows a well-trodden path with a facade of originality. It gives no motivation to the villains, who take tremendous risks for little benefit. Law enforcement is laughably incompetent. Parents are predictably clueless. The kills aren't very gruesome and lack intensity and catharsis. Twists are predictable and unimpactful.

The story finishes predictably and satisfyingly enough--it's a journey, not a destination. But then, as if the filmmakers decided they wished they made the movie very differently, a whole separate scene is tacked onto the end that is completely over the top. Apparently the film found itself with an overabundance of casting extras and gory makeup to use up. Maybe the filmmakers are auditioning for a sequel.

4 years ago

A true gem of the horror genre


Berkshire County is a true gem of the horror genre for telling a story that goes above and beyond the classic fear and survival themes into a much deeper tale of self-discovery and coming-of-age. The directing, writing, and acting all come together to pull off a tour-de-force of suspense, drama, and even some comedy along the way.

The imagery sprinkled throughout the film depicts a world where everyone has a mask and no one shows their true colors until forced to. It is fitting that the first scene finds our heroine, Kylie Winters attending a pre-Halloween party dressed as Little Red Riding Hood, only to be tricked by the big bad boyfriend Marcus, who ruins her reputation by filming her in an uncompromising position and shares the video with fellow classmates. From here on out, the name of the game is that no one is truly what they appear to be. Kylie is not the weak flower she appears to be, Marcus is not the cocky confident jock he wants people to think he is, and even our villains are not everything they seem to be. After Kylie agrees to babysit two young children while their parents go to a Halloween party, she is given the tour of a country villa mansion. The choice to walk her through this mansion, describing every inch of it was a great touch, helping the house itself become a creepy and dominating character in the story. Every room has a sense of meaning, from the children's play room with depictions of fantastical imagery and imagination to the pure white minimalist living room that later becomes a tomb-like kill room, we see an interesting juxtaposition of life and death and all the characters stuck in between, trying to balance the scales in their favor after a family of what appears to be pork butchers attempts a home invasion in the guise of trick-or-treaters wearing life-like pig masks. Kylie reacts to the break-in by curling up into an almost fetal position, calling for help through an operator who becomes her crutch throughout the film. But it is not the crutch Kylie needs to survive, nor is it police, but her own sense of self-reliance that will be her saving grace. Kylie attempts to use the help of her now ex-boyfriend Marcus who under his tough exterior becomes a fearful coward. We see this surprising play against stereotype throughout the film and it is refreshing! What is interesting about our villains is the expectation that we are going to see some disfigured hillbilly inbred family underneath the masks, but instead find relatively normal looking people. Which hearkens to another great theme of the movie: Evil is often hiding in plain sight. Those who look confident in this world are actually fearful, those who look normal are abnormal, and those who seem weak turn out to be the strongest. By the end of the film, Kylie is faced down with wolf who she thought was a grandmother, only in this version of the tale, there is no Huntsman to save her. She sheds the weak and delicate "cloak" of Little Red and becomes a wolf in her own right. To watch this transformation on screen is a visceral experience not to missed.

4 years ago

Just another genre ripoff.

3/10 I had high hopes for this film, honestly. I went in after hearing a recommendation from a friend whose opinion I usually trust. I don't know if he was playing a joke on me or what because this film was so bad I found it hard to watch. The storyline is a lazy blend of "When A Stranger Calls" and "You're Next", and it never once brings anything new to the genre. It's about as cookie-cutter and predictable as it gets. Confusing plot twists and irrational decisions made by the female lead whom, in my opinion, wasn't strong enough to carry the entire film on her own. She reminded me of Ali Larter only even more boring on camera. That and she was blatantly too old to be playing a 17 year old. I mean, Jesus guys... You really expect us to buy that? You've got to be kidding me!

On the technical side of things, the audio through-out the entire film seemed very flat and awkward as though it was never leveled properly. Almost all of the dialogue sounds hollow which leads me to believe the entire film was dubbed over. I suppose that can give some sort of explanation for the lack-luster performances? The location was pretty cool, but the footage looked a bit flat and blah and at times looked over-exposed. I feel like that may have been an artistic choice for certain shots but it looked cheap to me.

I would say the worst part of the whole thing to me is that there really seems to be no explanation for the events of the film. None at all! I'm sick of this whole "killing to kill" trend in horror cinema. At first it seemed creative but now it's just over-done and to be honest it just comes off as lazy! I'm not going to give away what happens at the end, who the killer is, or who survives but honestly... this ending had to be one of the absolute LEAST satisfying finales I've seen in the last ten years. I mean, come on guys! Do you really think the viewers are that stupid? Give us something that makes us think. Surprise us for once! Personally, I'm getting sick and tired of the same old story with the same old plot twists and the same old shots of a masked killer stalking through a house while a hot young female hides out of sight with her hand over her mouth. We've seen it all before. Give us something new, dammit!

4 years ago