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Badge of Honor

Badge of Honor

Language: Spanish

Author: sub

Updated: 3 years ago

Files: 1

Year: ...
Run time: 94min
IMDB score: 4.5

Movie infomation

Movie name: Badge of Honor

Genders: Thriller, Crime, Drama

Imdb Score: 4.5

Runtime: 94min

Released: ...

Director: Agustin

Writer: Anthony Thorne (screenplay), Kevin Barrett (screen

Actors: Martin Sheen, Mena Suvari, Jesse Bradford, Lochlyn Munro

Imdb Link

00:00:08,200 --> 00:00:10,100
- �Vete al carajo!
- �Que me vaya al carajo?

00:00:10,101 --> 00:00:11,201
- S�.
- �Vete al carajo t�!

00:00:11,202 --> 00:00:13,202
- �Vete al carajo!
- �S�lo c�llate la boca!

00:00:13,203 --> 00:00:16,873
�Me est�s volviendo loco,
cada maldito d�a, perra!

00:00:17,104 --> 00:00:19,204
- �No puedo creerlo!


Worth watching (once only)

5/10 I am British, so rarely watch US TV crime series. Maybe for that reason there were some angles in this "dirty cop" drama which were new to me, and kept me watching to the end.

But they were not developed as they could have been, and the screenplay was to blame. The direction, too, is mediocre with the same tired style of flashbacks to patch holes in the exposition that we see in so many direct-to-DVD movies.

I think the intended ironic statement about "truth" and "honor" is indeed there, but gets muffled in the obligatory Hollywood ending.

The heroine and the "redeemed" cop were too lightweight, while Martin Sheen popping up in a supporting role, and still-beautiful Natasha Hensbridge in a dispensable one, only served to undermine the intended grittiness and remind us we are watching a Hollywood movie.

I am posting because I think this movie deserves better than the current 4.7 score. I give it 6, and most of that is for the storyline rather than the way it is realised on screen.

4 years ago

Another 'corrupt cop' movie but not a terrible one.

6/10 All the scenes in the movie and the story,u would have seen it all before, most of the time done better than how it's done in this movie. But still this movie is very watchable and had some interesting parts. The acting in this movie is solid too. Not award material but for what they are given,i think the actors have done a very good job. Lochyln Munro ,especially,was really good in his role. He seemed so involved and committed to his role and it shows in his performance. The director could have directed his scenes better though and maybe build a little more character arc for him. And they could have also used Martin Sheen more. I didn't like the climax much as it seemed rushed but other than that i think it's a good enough movie that u can rent and watch or if u happen to catch this movie on TV,it's worth spending some free time on.

4 years ago